Monday 25th February 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans
Croft (12 Pegs)
1 J Urruty, Notts, Peg 22; 21-10-0
John Urruty won this latest monday open on croft pool with 21-10-0. John fished waggler with maggot for 1 carp and 15lb of skimmers and roach.
2 R Holmes, Notts AA; Peg 19; 19-8-0Roger alternated pellet and maggot on long pole for tench and skimmer bream and 19-8-0
3 D Downes, Killamarsh; Peg 7; 14-14-0Dave Downes fished caster and pellet for an all skimmer catch of 14lb 14oz 
Thursday 28th February 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans
Moat/Bridge/Croft (34 Pegs)
1 T Brown, Map Leegem; Peg Moat Outer 104; 60-2-0A surprise heavy frost put ice on all lakes forcing a split match between moat, bridge and croft pools. Tony Brown fished peelt cone with hair rigged corn and meat from outer peg 104 for 8 carp to 10lb
2 A Berisford, Map Leegem; Peg Moat Island 67; 54-10-0Arthur Berisford opted for small feeder with micros and groundbait for 7 carp to 9lb
3 S Twigg, Map Leegem, Peg Croft 21; 29-14-0Steve Twigg was best weight off croft with 29lb 14oz. Steve fished pellet and maggot on long pole for 2 carp and 20lb of silver fish
4 R Turner, Retford, 25-14-0 5 J Moore, Hallcroft, 24-8-0 
Friday 1st March 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Open
Bridge Pool (17 Pegs)
1 A Oldham, Maltby, Peg Island 26; 52-13-0Andy Oldham drew fancied peg 26 on bridge Island and made no mistake with 52lb. Andy fished long pole with 4mm expander pellet over micros for 14 carp to 6lb
2 G Wilde, Barnsley, Peg Outer 52; 39-12-0Geoff fished bomb with hair rigged corn and meat for 4 carp to 13lb and a few skimmers
3 M Cordall, Retford, Peg Island 1; 29-12-0Mark Cordall fished a small feeder with corn to the marginal reeds for 6 carp and a few skimmers
4 L Hewison, Hallcroft, 29-1-0 5 R Teigh, Handsworth, 27-10-0 
Saturday 2nd March 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Open Match
Moat Pool (19 pegs)
1st G Mumby, MAP Leegem, 33-11-0; peg isl 73Gary Mumby edged this close fought match with a net of carp too 5lbsall caught using long pole down the margins with pellets and corn.
2nd D Dare, Marukyu, 32-8-0; peg isl 67Dave Dare took second spot today with carp and skimmers caught using6mm expander pellet over feed pellets at 13m
3rd P McIntyre, Baittech, 31-10-0; peg isl 43Third place went to Paul McIntyre who also caught carp and skimmersusing expander pellet on the pole at 13m.
4th G Westwater, MAP Marukyu, 29-4-0; 5th M McIntyre, Doncaster, 26-7-0

Sunday 3rd March 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Open Match
Moat Pool ( 52 pegs)
1st S Robbins, MAP Leegem, 76-11-0; peg out 2
This Sunday’s open match saw the biggest turn out of the year so farwith 52 anglers enjoying the milder weather. Steve Robbins edged aclose victory with a nice net of carp too 7lbs all caught fishing thepole towards the reeds. Steve fished corn on the hook over 4mm feedpellet and corn at a distance of 12m.
2nd L Hewison, MAP Leegem, 72-15-0; peg isl 2Lee Hewison finished second overall also catching a decent net of carpusing long pole and expander pellet over Microsoft and groundbait. Leenetted carp up to 8lbs.
3rd Paul Elliot, MAP Leegem, 58-6-0; peg out 60Paul Elliot made the most of the room he had and fished a pelletfeeder to the aerator in the bowl of moat where he caught carp andbream steadily throughout the match.
4th I Marshall, MAP Leegem, 46-14-0; 
5th T Brown, MAP Leegem, 42-4-0;
6th I Temple, Retford, 41-2-0.