Monday, 20th May 2013 Veterans Costcutter 
Open Bridge Pool
18 pegs 
1st I Donaldson, Notts A A, 93-2-0; peg Isl 26 
Ian Donaldson continued his good recent form, once again catching well using a rod and centre pin reel. Ian caught carp and skimmers using maggot and groundbait to win today’s match.
2nd N Wood, Leegem, 86-14-0; peg Out 5
Nigel Wood edged the close second place with some nice carp caught from the margins on maggot and corn.
3rd C Line, Retford Angling. Cent., 86-12-0; peg Isl 24 
Chris Line fished meat and pellet on a short pole line to catch carp and bream for third.
4th R Turner, Retford, 75-2-0;  
5th J Hobson, Sheffield, 61-14-0; 
6th R Holmes, Notts A A, 61-4-0.

Thursday, 23rd May 2013
Veterans Open Match Moat Pool
28 pegs 
1st I Temple, Retford, 163-0-0; peg Out 98; 
Ian Temple stormed to victory in what turned out as one of the best Veterans Matches this year. Ian netted carp too 12lbs in his magnificent ton us net today.
2nd A Berisford, MAP Leegem, 132-8-0; peg Isl 26 
Arthur Berisford claimed second place with another nice ton plus net comprising of carp and skimmers. Arthur caught using corn and pellets on a 6m pole line.
3rd R Toulson, Notts A A, 101-4-0; peg Isl 17 
Roy Toulson fished Luncheon meat on the pole at 7m to finish in third spot and also win his first Ton Plus Hallcroft Cap.
4th D Speight, Sheffield, 93-10-0; 
5th A Sellars, Bankside Tackle, 90-12-0; 
6th I Donaldson, Notts A A, 83-8-0;

Friday, 25th May 2013, Pm open match
Moat Pool, 20 pegs
1st A Sellars, Bankside Tackle, 201-9-0; peg Out 95 
Andy Sellars blitzed the field in today’s match with a brilliant 2ton plus net of carp. Andy caught mainly on a groundbait feeder with maggots f oily shed to the middle of the lake, but switched to his margins late on for some bonus carp too 11lbs.
2nd D Dare, Marukyu, 151-3-0; peg Out 100 
Dave Dare had to settle for second place despite his great ton plus weight. Dave caught on the pole at 11m and 6m using chopped worms as his main baits.
3rd S Pimperton, Sheffield, 136-4-0; peg Isl 23 Shane Pimperton finished third with his top Hallcroft weight of the year. Shane fished paste and corn on a short pole line to catch carp and bream.
4th D Oldham, .Maltby, 123-0-0; 
5th J Oldfield, Sheffield, 105-10-0. 

Saturday, 25th May 2013, Open Match
Moat Pool, 20 pegs
1st D Dare, Marukyu, 153-4-0; peg Isl 37 
Dave Dare continued his good form and went one better than the previous day with another ton plus weight and victory. Dave fished maggot over groundbait at 6m and down the margins.
2nd C Owen, Doncaster, 82-13-0; peg Isl 27 
Craig Owen took second place fishing meat and pellets on the pole at 10m to catch carp and bream.
3rd S Conry, Sheffield, 78-5-0; peg Out 16 
Steve Conry caught mainly carp using corn and pellets on the pole.
4th R Walker, Rotherham, 70-0-0;  
5th A Oldham, Halkon Hunt, 69-12-0; 
6th G Mumby, MAP Leegem, 69-8-0.

Sunday, 26th May 2013, Open Match
Moat Pool Outer, 28 pegs
1st A Oldham, Halkon Hunt, 185-10-0; peg 67 
Andy Oldham edged what turned out an epic battle for first place as he and Jamie Masson went fish for fish throughout the match. Andy fished meat and pellet shallow on the pole at 12m to net mainly carp fir his great winning weight.
2nd J Masson, Maver Marukyu,167-2-0; peg 61 
Jamie Masson ended up second , also with a nice ton plus net of carp. Jamie fished the pole at 12m using meat and pellets.
3rd B Sullivan, Maltby, 104-6-0; peg 41
Brian Sullivan started on a pellet cone then switch to meat shallow on the pole to claim third spot today.
4th P Miles, Doncaster, 98-13-9; 
5th J Thomas, Subfish, 95-0-0; 
6th M Watson, MAP Leegem, 92-10-0.