Bridge Pool (80 pegs) requires plenty of chopped worm and caster for some very big perch to over 3lb, and they can be caught on the pole where baits can be held steady, or on the waggler where baits can be allowed to move on the tow and tease those big stripeys. Trust me on this ’cos it works. Take a piece of wood about 12” long; chisel out a big groove down the centre; lay a juicy lobworm in it and gently ‘smooth’ it in to extend to maximum length; run a razor blade right down its body about an inch from the head to the tail; plonk that in front of those big perch but don’t tell the animal rights people! Reed Pool (46) has some delightful chub fishing on offer, with waggler cast out on the island pegs, and while we are only talking about ‘rubber dubs’ in the 1lb & 2lb weight, they’re great fun. Casters and maggots sprayed all over the place will get those chub munching, but don’t fish too light, as Mr. Carp is just around the corner! Big carp, and I mean fish to 20lb, will take single baits on a bomb cast into the middle (30/40 yards) but don’t feed anything. Boilies are not allowed… you’ve been warned! Moat Pool (190 pegs) holds loads of elastic-stretching carp but anglers can enjoy some brilliant silver fish sport, as in roach, skimmers and perch, using bloodworm & joker and casters on the pole at up to 12 metres. Dedicated carp men can try a big bait, such as lobworms, cat meat or multiples of corn, and fish the straight lead. Day tickets are good value at £5, with OAPs/disabled £4.50 and ‘dustbin lids’ only £4, and the spacious café serves hot food and drink throughout the day. Steve Spurr runs the on-site tackle shop, ‘Ultimate Anglers’, tel: 01777 719911. Contact owners Terry, Nick and Luke Sears on 01777 710448 for club and match bookings. Daiwa Hallcroft also has available 20 pegs of the adjacent River Idle that can be fished on the same day ticket price, so once you’ve netted some stillwater chub, why not have a go at the river variety? Visit the website at:


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