Graham, along with ‘The Shrew’ Pete Rice, run the on-site tackle barn (tel: 01926 842188) and know the time of day, so their advice is always worth listening to and following. Bottom Pool (29 pegs) is sheltered and fishes much better at this time of the year, with doubles in the form of carp, plus other species such as skimmers, roach and perch all taking a peek at casters, worm and maggot, and it’s mainly pole work… so get your carbon stiff and your elastic stretched! Top Pool (33) is full of small carp from 6oz to over the 1lb mark, roach to 1lb and some proper perch, with little and often feeding the key. Take 2 pints of maggots and add the odd blob of groundbait on your chosen pole line. Pegs 1 & 33 happen to be home to some rather lumpy carp to 20lb- plus, and these pegs happen to be very snaggy, so use some ‘aerial elastic’ or get snagged-up! House Pool 1 (34) is consistent for roach and skimmers on pole-fished fluoro pinkies and GB (as many as you want to catch), plus tench and perch, but you’ll get busted up by carp … tee-hee! Day tickets are £7 (that includes the use of a keepnet) with concessions £5 during the week and breakfast is served every day to prepare anglers for the bagging-up session ahead. Don’t forget to have your card stamped as after every five visits to Tunnel Barn Farm the next excursion is free. Contact fishery owner Mike Hamlington for club bookings only on 01926 842975. All pellet feed must be TNTBF’s own brand.

Midland Angler