Monday 19th November 2012 Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans
Bridge Pool (14 Pegs)
1 D Farr, Hallcroft, Peg Outer 39; 52-4-0Dave Farr drew unfancied peg 39 on Bridge Outer and found some big carp willing to feed. Dave fished hair rigged corn on bomb and short pole for carp to 10lb
2 J Woolf; Sherwood Forest farm park, Peg Island 13; 27-12-0John alternated maggot and caster hookbaits over micros and groundbait for skimmers and carp.
3 K Pacey, Gainsborough, Peg Island 1; 21-11-0Ken fished corn on bomb for 5 carp.
4 N Wood, Hallcroft, 18-7-0 5 P Schoof, Hallcroft, 18-0-0

 Thursday 22nd November 2012 Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans
Bridge Pool (22 Pegs)
1 R Holmes, Notts AA, Peg Island 24; 38-14-0Roger Holmes returned to winning ways with this victory on Bridge pool. Roger fished pole and expander pellet over 4mm feed for 6 carp and a few skimmers
2 S Twigg, Map Leegem, Peg Outer 24; 37-4-0Steve fished groundbait feeder with maggot for 4 carp and skimmers
3 T Brown, Map Leegem, Peg Outer 27; 29-10-0Tony fished bomb alternating meat and corn hair rigged for carp to 7lb
4 G Hammond, Retford, 23-4-0 5 N Wood, Hallcroft, 19-13-0

Saturday 24th November 2012 Daiwa Hallcroft Carp/Silver Match
Moat Pool (18 Pegs)
Top 2 in Carp Top 2 in Silvers
1 D Boswell, Bridon AC, Peg Island 43; 38-6-0 1 A Oldham, Maltby, Peg Island 50; 16-3-0
2 S Robbins, Map Leegem, Peg Island 47; 33-14-0 2 P Bagshaw, Barnsley Blacks, Peg Island 40; 16-1-0

Every other Saturday the open match offers payouts for both carp and silvers. Dave Boswell of Retford won the carp with 38lb. Dave fished bomb with meat and corn for 8 carp to 7lb.Andy Oldham won the silverswith 16lb of roach. Andy fed bgroundbait with bloodworm and joker for roach and perch.

Sunday 25th November 2012 Daiwa Hallcroft open match
Canal/Croft 20 pegs
1st G Westwater, MAP Leegem, 193-5-0; Canal 12Graham Westwater fished pellet and corn to break the 5hour match record for Canal Pool with a magnificent net of carp between 1 and 3 lbs. Graham caught constantly from the far bank throughout the match and it was only a quite 20mins spell which stopped him breaking the 2 ton mark.
2nd T Brown, MAP Leegem, 123-3-0; Canal 8Tony Brown took second place with his first ton at Hallcroft. Tony fished long pole with expander pellet over feed pellets.
3rd J Barningham, Hallcroft, 81-1-0; peg 16John Barningham took third place with a net of small carp caught on meat and corn over micros.
4th D Wilde, Map Leegem, 76-8-0; peg 20

Sunday 25th November 2012, Daiwa Hallcroft Teams of 4 Silverfish League Rnd 3
Moat/Bridge (32 pegs) 
1st S Shepherd, Worksop, 19-10-0; Bridge Out 26Steve Shepherd fished ground bait with pellets and maggots to catch a nice net of skimmers to win today’s silverfish match.
2nd L Hardwick, Bandits, 16-6-0; Moat Isl 40Leon Hardwick took second place with a mixed silverfish net taken on bloodworm and joker at 8m on the pole.
3rd G Mumby, Maver Select, 14-12-0; Moat Isl 50Gary Mumby’s good form continued today with a third place net of roach and perch caught on caster over joker.
4th A Kinder, Maver Marukyu, 13-12-0; 5th P Morgan, Bandits, 13-10-0; 5th C Greensides, Bandits, 13-10-0