10th November 2013 Sunday Teams of 4 Silverfish League – rnd 2
Moat/Bridge pools – 32 pegs
B Holmes, Matrix Trentmen M Out 40 22-12-0
Despite th sharp frost, the average weights remained around the 10lbs mark with plenty of roach showing. Ben Holmes was the overall winner today with a nice net of all roach using long pole with groundbait and casters, Helping his team to victory today and an overall lead in the series.
G Mumby, Frenzee M Out 14 20-14-0
Gary Mumby took second place with a similar net of fish to the winner also taken on long pole with casters, picking up the odd bonus skimmer towards the end of the match.
G Hiley, Woodhouse Tackle B Isl 18 20-6-0
Geoff Hiley fished the pole at 12m using casters and maggots to catch mainly skimmers in his third place net.
A Payling, Peg One B Isl 13 17-2-0
K Baxter, Mosborough B Isl 21 15-11-0

10th November 2013 Sunday Open Match
Reed/Croft Pool – 25 pegs
A Crouch, Garbolino Ossett Croft 9 78-10-0
Alan Crouch was today’s open match winner fishing a groundbait feeder with hairrigged corn to the middle of Croft to catch carp up to 9lbs.
S Gray, Worksop Reed 9 55-0-0
Stuart Gray fished long pole with 4mm expanders over micros to catch mainly carp for second place.
P Miles, Kelly’s Stores Croft 25 35-6-0
The close third spot went to Pete Miles fishing pole and pellet for a nice mixed net of carp and skimmers.
N Vernon, Gainsborough Reed 13 34-10-0
D Newman, MAP Leegem Reed 15 33-12-0

9th November 2013 Saturday Carp/Silvefish Open Match
Moat Pool – 17 pegs
D Dare, Marukyu Out 27 48-4-0
With the choice of fishing for carp or silver’s today and the second frost this week, many anglers opted to fish for silver’s today. Dave Dare however found some feeding carp on his pole line which he caught using Pellet and maggots to win today.
L Hewison, MAP Leegem
Out 31 33-12-0 
Lee Hewison caught carp and bream on a pellet feeder to the far side of Moat and finished second today.
P Miles, Kelly’s Stores Isl 60 24-12-0
Third spot overall went to Pete Miles who caught a few skimmers plus a couple of carp on pole and pellets.

8th November 2013 Friday Open Match
Croft Pool – 8 pegs
D Newman, MAP Leegem 2 57-2-0
Daz Newman fished pellet on the pole to catch a nice mixed net of carp, tench and skimmers fir victory today.
R Teigh, Handsworth 8 47-8-0
Rich Teigh edged second spot also with a mixed carp and silverfish net, but caught on pole and caster over groundbait.
A Berisford, MAP Leegem 5 47-6-0
Arthur took third place catch tench, skimmers and Carp using corn and pellets on a short pole line.
A Crouch, Doncaster 24 42-4-0

7th November 2013 Veterans Open Match
Moat Pool – 36 pegs
P Schoof, MAP Leegem Out 67 58-14-0
The colder weather dropped the weights on Moat today, but Paul Scoof fished a T Bag to the middle of Moat using banded pellet and corn as baits to win today’s veterans match.
M Edgecombe, MAP Leegem Out 26 49-10-0
Mal Edgecombe took second place with some nice carp caught using 4mm Pellet on the pole at 11m. 
D Downes, Killamarsh Out 30 42-10-0
Dave Downes netted carp and bream on short pole with corn and pellets.
G Hiley, Woodhouse Tackle Isl 64 32-14-0
T Furby, Notts AA Isl 60 29-12-0

5th November 2013 Tuesday Costcutter Open Match
Reed Pool – 14 pegs o P Elliott, MAP Leegem 23 59-12-0
Paul Elliott edged this close match on Reed Pool today. Paul caught carp up to 4lbs using expander pellet over feed pellet on the pole at 12m.
M Cordall, New Packet 16 57-4-0
Despite netting a bonus 10lb carp Mark Cordall had to settle for second place. Mark caught mainly carp on the pole and feeder using Pellet and corn as baits.
A Sellars, R&R Sports 39 49-14-0 
Andy Sellars took third spot fishing bomb and meat and pole with corn.
J Hobson, Sheffield 9 45-12-0
J Masson, Colmic Marukyu 42 43-8-0
A Berisford, MAP Leegem 36 42-0-0