24th November 2013 Sunday Open Match
Moat Outer/Croft/Reed – 35 pegs
P Ashley, Max Tackle M Out 110 50-4-0
Following a week with the first few frosts, this Sunday’s open match was always going to be a tougher affair. Paul Ashley made the most of his end peg to catch carp on the pole at 10m and bomb with corn to the far bank 
D Boswell, Bryden AC Croft 0 31-6-0
The close second spot went to Dave Boswell who caught carp and skimmers on a groundbait feeder to the middle of Croft.
L Hodgkinson, Doncaster Croft 19 30-10-0
Lee Hodgkinson fished long pole with expander pellet over 4mm feed pellets to catch small carp and tench.
S Twigg, MAP Leegem Reed 8 25-4-0
S Spurr, Retford Croft 21 23-14-0

23rd November 2013 Saturday Open Match
Moat Island 14 pegs
G Mumby, MAP Leegem 70 69-0-0
Gary Mumby was today’s winner fishing expander pellet on the pole at 12m over kinder potted micros to catch carp too 8lbs. 
P Bagshaw, Barnsley 73 64-7-0
Pete Bagshaw took second spot with mainly carp caught on pellet feeder to the far side of moat.
G Gibson, Max Tackle 67 34-0-0
Gordon Gibson fished pole with maggot and groundbait to catch carp and bream for third.

21st November 2013 Thursday Veterans Open Match
Moat Pool
T Brown, MAP Leegem Out 72 74-14-0
Tony Brown was today’s clear winner fishing a pellet cone to the mddle of Moat, where he caught carp up to 8lbs. Tony caught carp of hairrigged corn and meat.
S Twigg, MAP Leegem Isl 15 36-12-0
The close second spot with carp and bream caught on long pole with expander pellet over micros.
J Hobson, Sheffield Out 75 36-0-0
Jack Hobson took third spot fishing 6mm pellet on the pole at 10m to catch carp and skimmers.
D Clegg, Brittania Tackle Isl 2 34-1-0
R Smith, Notts AA Out 67 30-14-0
P Ware, Retford Isl 35 30-0-0

18th November 2013 Monday Veterans Costcutter
Croft/Bridge Island – 18 pegs
L Hewison, MAP Leegem Croft 14 37-6-0
The colder temperatures certainly had their effect today as weights dropped from previous matches. Lee Hewison fished long pole and 4mm pellet to catch carp and silvers for the win.
N Wood, MAP Leegem B Island 4 22-6-0
Nigel Wood took the close second spot from Bridge Island with skimmers and the odd carp taken on pole with groundbait and casters.
R Holmes, Notts AA B Island 21 17-6-0
Roger Holmes edged the close third spot with skimmers caught on short pole and maggots.
I Donaldson, Notts AA B Island 24 16-6-0