Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans Open (Thursday)

Moat (32 pegs)

1 D Robinson, Lincoln, 55-9-0; peg island 41

Dave Robinson on the island peg 41 fished pole, worm and caster at 9m to land carp and silvers for first place

2 A Fantom, MAP Leegem, 48-6-0; peg outer 56

Andy Fantom battled against a head-on wind to catch carp on a short pole line to finish second

3 R Abbs, Notts, 36-0-0; peg outer 33

The close third spot went to Ray Abbs who netted big carp on the pole at 8m using pellet

4 J Tolerfield, Barnsley, 35-8-0; 5 S Twigg, MAP Leegem, 34-2-0


Daiwa Hallcroft Open Match (Friday)

Moat Island (10 pegs)

1 N Wood, Mansfield, 82-2-0; peg 39

Nigel Wood led the way in today’s match with 82lb of mainly carp caught using feeder and corn fished to the middle of Moat

2 A Cordall, Bryden, 44-12-0; peg 47

Andy Cordall was second with a net of mostly skimmer bream taken on short pole and caster

3 R Fackerell, MAP Leegem, 34-12-0; peg 34

Third was Rob Fackerell who fished a feeder with groundbait and pellet to land carp from the far side of Moat


Daiwa Hallcroft Winter League (Saturday)

Moat (20 pegs)

1 G Gibson, Sutton, 82-7-0; peg island 39

The first round of the Saturday winter league was fished in wet & windy conditions. Gordon Gibson came out on top with 82-7-0 of carp and skimmers from island 39. Gordon fished short with pellet and corn over feed pellet

2 D Slaymaker, Bait Tech, 75-11-0; peg outer 32

Don Slaymaker was second from peg 32 on the outer fishing at 11 and 12m with corn over pellet and netted mostly carp

3 P Bagshaw, Barnsley Blacks, 56-12-0; peg outer 22

Third was Pete Bagshaw who fished bomb and corn for carp to 6lb

4 C Line, Retford, 44-12-0; 5 G Mumby, Triana North, 40-10-0


Daiwa Hallcroft Open Match (Sunday)

Moat (36 pegs)

1 A Oldham, Halkon Hunt, 102-11-0; peg Isl 5

The battle for first spot saw Andy Oldham just edged the victory with a nice ton-plus net of carp and skimmers all caught on the pole at 11m fishing shallow with pellets.

2 N Vernon, Gainsborough, 101-5-0; peg Isl 2

Neil Vernon took the second spot also with just over a ton of mainly carp. Neil caught using expander pellet on a short pole line

3 S Spurr, MAP Leegem, 73-10-0; peg Out 34

Steve Spurr alternated between pole and feeder using corn and groundbait to catch carp too 9lbs plus and third spot

4 P Bagshaw, Barnsley, 66-8-0; 5 D Whiting, Button Hole AC, 59-6-0; 6 D Nuttall, MAP Leegem, 56-4-0

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