Monday 8th October 2012 Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans

Bridge Pool (20 pegs)1 N Wood, Hallcroft, peg Outer 32; 78-14-0
With dropping temperatures came lower weights than previous weeks although there were still plenty of bites to be had, especially from bream. Nigel Wood was the winner today with a nice mixed net of carp and skimmers caught on both short pole with maggot and pellet cone on the bomb.
2 P Tatley, MAP Mansfield, peg Island 22; 64-1-0
Pete Tatley took the close second place fishing pellet and corn on the pole at 11m to catch mainly carp up to 8lbs plus.
3 S Shepherd, Mansfield, peg Island 13; 62-14-0
Steve Shepherd fished expander pellet on the pole at 8m and landed over 50lbs of skimmer bream in his third place net.
4 D Farr, Hallcroft, 56-12-0;
5 D Speight, Sheffield, 54-1-0;
6 R Holmes, Notts AA, 50-12-0. 

Thursday 9th October 2012 Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans
Moat Pool (35 pegs)
1 D Boswell, Bryden AC, peg Outer 30; 42-6-0
Conditions on the day hampered long pole fishing and the strong wind favoured to the tip anglers. Dave Boswell took first spot fishing a bomb with meat and corn to catch carp and bream for victory today.
2 J Hobson, Hallcroft, peg Outer 36; 35-5-0
Jack Hobson edged the close second spot fishing banded pellet on a pellet cone to the middle of moat.
3 R Holmes, Notts AA, peg Outer 39; 34-14-0
Roger Holmes fished short pole with pellets and meat over 4mm feed pellets to sneak into third place today.
4 G Hiley, Mansfield, 34-12-0; 5 R Toulson, Notts AA, 34-2-0; 6 P Tatley, MAP Mansfield, 32-0-0. 

Saturday 13th October 2012 Daiwa Hallcroft Open Match 
Moat Outer (20 pegs)1 D Oldham, MAP Leegem, peg 50; 118-14-0
Daz Oldham was today’s clear winner with a nice ton-plus net of carp. Daz alternated between meat and pellet on the pole at 12m, catapulting in 4mm feed pellets.
2 J Masson, Maver Marukyu, peg 46; 92-8-0
Jamie Masson took second place also fishing a pole at 12m, but opted to using meat and corn as hook baits.
3 G Gibson, Worksop, peg 106; 63-0-0
Gordon Gibson edged the very close third place fishing corn on the pole to the margins.
4 P McIntyre, Baittech, 61-2-0;
5 G Leversidge, Marukyu, 61-0-0;
6 A Oldham, Halkon Hunt, 59-5-0 

14th Oct 2012, Daiwa Hallcroft open match
Moat Pool (28 pegs)1st Pete Bagshaw, maver, 73-3-0; peg out 29
Pete Bagshaw fished a pellet feeder with banded pellet to the far bank and caught carp and bream to win today.
2nd Mal Edgcombe, MAP Leegem, 58-13-0; peg isl 40
Mal Edgcombe took the close second spot fishing a feeder to the middle and a pole to the margins with pellet and corn.
3rd Kev Allcock, MAP Leegem, 57-14-0; peg out 46.
Kev Allcock also caught carp on a feeder, but used meat and corn as hook baits.
4th Brian Sullivan, MAP Leegem, 55-14-0;
5th Steve Spurr, MAP Leegem, 54-14-0;
6th Andy Sellars, Backside Tackle, 54-3-0.

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