13th October 2013 Sunday Open Match
Moat Pool – 35 pegs

G Gibson, Worksop Isl 62 106-0-0
Despite the colder temperatures this week there were still plenty of carp to be caught on Moat today. Gordon Gibson came out on top in this close match with a nice ton plus net of carp taken on the feeder with groundbait and corn.

P Miles, Kelly’s Stores Isl 34 97-12-0
Pete Miles fished corn over pellet on 2 short pole lines to catch enough carp to edge second place overall today with just short of the ton mark. 

W Lomas, MAP Leegem Out 44 96-15-0 
Wayne Lomas also caught well on short pole with corn, but caught over micros and groundbait for third place today.

J Skipper, Gainsborough Isl 6 95-0-0

L Machin, MAP Leegem Out 98 72-10-0

A Sellars, R&R Sports Isl 58 63-14-0

12th October 2013 Saturday Open Match
Bridge Pool – 17 pegs

L Hewison, MAP Leegem Isl 10 86-0-0
Lee Hewison continued his recent good run with another win today. In cold wet conditions, Lee fished long pole with 6mm expander pellet over 4mm feed pellet to catch mainly carp in his winning net.

A Sellars, R&R Sports Isl 4 70-14-0
Andy Sellars alternated between pole and a feeder rod today to pick up carp and bream throughout the match and end up in second spot.

P Miles, Kelly’s Stores Isl 25 60-6-0
The close third spot went to Pete Miles who fished pole and chopped worm at 10m.

M Westley, Worksop Isl 19 58-9-0

11th October 2013 Friday Open Match
Moat Island, 10 pegs

A Duff, Retford 26 79-2-0
Alan Duff was today’s winner with a nice net of carp taken on pole and pellet at 11m. 

A Berisford, MAP Leegem 18 63-8-0
Arthur Berisford took second spot fishing corn and pellet on the pole at 8m and down the margins. 

K Crummey, Retford 14 39-8-0
Keith Crummey fished short pole with groundbait and corn to catch mainly carp for third spot.

10th October 2013 Thursday Veterans Winter League Rnd 1
Moat Outer, 33 pegs

L Hewison, MAP Leegem 101 72-2-0
Despite the wintery conditions the veterans turned out in good numbers for their first winter league match. Lee Hewison caught carp on the pole using banded pellet and corn to win with the added bonus of a Golden peg to round his day off.

M Fellows, Sheffield 98 62-3-0
Mal Fellows fished a feeder to the middle using groundbait and pellets where he netted carp too 8lbs plus for second today.

D Downes, Killamarsh 86 53-6-0
Dave Downes fished expander pellet on a short pole line to catch carp and bream for third place.

P Topham, Retford 68 49-8-0

J Simms, MAP Leegem 92 47-7-0

T Furby, Notts AA 54 44-4-0

8th October 2013 Tuesday Costcutter Open
Moat Island, 12 pegs

J Masson, Colmic Marukyu 29 52-13-0
The down turn in weather was matched by lower weights today. Jamie Masson scaled down and caught carp and skimmers on expander pellet at 12m.

R Abbs, Nottingham 52 39-8-0
Ray Abbs stuck to big baits and caught the odd bonus carp at 8m on the pole to edge second spot.

M Hall, MAP Tuxford 56 38-8-0
Mick Hall took third place with a mixed net of carp and silvers caught on corn at 10m. 

7th October 2013 Monday Veterans Costcutter
Bridge Pool – 19 pegs

P Schoof, MAP Leegem Isl 4 62-15-0
Paul Schoof stuck to his favoured paste method today and came out on top with a nice net of carp taken at 6m.

T Furby, Notts AA Out 48 58-5-0
Trevor Furby took second place fishing pellet and corn at 8m on the pole.

D Whiting, Hallcroft Out 20 54-14-0
Dave Whiting caught well late on using a banded pellet on the feeder to take third spot.

I Donaldson, Notts AA Isl 13 47-0-0

D Speight, Sheffield Out 12 44-4-0