12th November 2017. Daiwa Hallcroft Open.
Reed (15 pegs).

D Newman, Leegem. 31. 90-8-0.
Daz Newman fished pellet cone with hair rigged 6mm pellet and corn for carp to 6lb.
D Boswell, Harry Kane AC. 33. 68-12-0.
Dave Boswell continued his good form also using tip tactics catching mainly on pellet.
G Gibson, Leegem. 35. 65-8-0.
Gordon Gibson alternated pole and pellet and bomb and corn for 3rd place.
D Downes, Killamarsh. 28. 64-14-0.
S Twigg, Leegem. 13. 55-14-0.
11th November 2017. Daiwa Hallcroft Open.
Moat Outer (30 Pegs).

D Dare, Blidworth. 37. 70-6-0.
Dave Dare won this Saturday open on a cold and windy Moa5 pool with 70lb. Dave fished pellet cone with corn and pellet hook baits for carp to 12lb.
D Boswell, Harry Kane AC. 29. 57-9-0.
Dave Boswell alternated bomb with pellet and meat for his second place catch.
L Hewison, Leegem. 72. 45-6-0.
Lee Hewison fished bomb with hair rigged corn for his 45lb catch of carp.
P Elliott, Leegem. 96. 35-1-0.
S Clark, Mansfield. 11. 34-8-0.
9th November 2017 Thursday Veterans Match
Bridge/Croft – 33 pegs

K Crummey, Retford B Isl 7 78-7-0
Keith Crummey continues to catch well on a t-bag with pellets and corn as he was today’s winner with a nice net of carp.
A Berisford, Leegem B Out 13 64-1-0
Arthur Berisford took second spot also catching carp on the tip today. Arthur opted for pellet cone tactics.
R Walker, Leegem C 23 50-15-0
Robin Walker fished expander pellet and maggots on the pole at 11m for third place today.
D Downes, Killamarsh B Out 28 48-13-0
C Yves, Leegem C 7 45-14-0
6th November 2017 Monday Veterans Costcutter
Bridge/Croft – 16 pegs

D Boswell, Bryden AC B Out 15 59-12-0
The heavy frost overnight certainly dropped the weights this Monday. Dave Boswell caught carp on the feeder using corn and groundbait to claim the win.
M Fellows, Sheffield B Out 19 40-0-0
Malc Fellows fished short pole with 8mm pellets for second place today.
R Walker, Leegem B Isl 20 34-8-0
Robin Walker caught carp and silvers fishing long pole and maggots.
D Sewell, James Maude Linden B Isl 14 33-8-0
R Brooks, Leegem B Isl 23 33-0-0