17th September 2017. Daiwa Hallcroft open.
Moat and Bridge Outer. (45 Pegs).

L Payling, Peg One. Bridge 8. 81-2-0.
Although lower weights than of late there was a tight finish in this Sunday open. Lee fished short and long pellet for 15 carp to 12lb.
T Clark, Mansfield. Moat 35. 80-3-0.
Tom Clark continued his good form with this 2nd place. Tom fished corn and pellet on short pole for carp to 10lb.
S Clark, mansfield. Moat 80. 75-15-0.
Steve Clark fished long worms and pellet short for carp and skimmers.
J Powell, Rotherham. Moat 50. 75-3-0.
R Teigh, Handsworth. Moat 38. 73-3-0.
16th September 2017. Daiwa Hallcroft Open.
Moat Island (22 Pegs).

I Thompson, Barnsley. 26. 72-10-0.
Ian Thompson won this low weight affair from peg 26. Ian fished pellet at 14m for carp and a few skimmers.
D Whiting, March. 66. 58-12-0.
Dave Whiting fished worms over casters at 13m for carp and skimmers and 58lb.
S Robbins, Leegem. 2. 53-12-0.
Steve Robbins fished meat down the margins for carp to 6lb.
M Parsons, Hallcroft. 39. 45-3-0.
K Crummey, Retford. 23. 44-3-0.
15th September 2017 Friday PM Open Match
Moat Pool Island – 21 pegs

L Hewison, Leegem 19 236-13-0
Lee Hewison continued his good run of for with this magnificent 200lbs plus net of carp. Lee caught mainly on bomb and double corn.
T Clark, Mansfield 64 211-5-0
Not many anglers can say they caught their first ever ton plus net twice in one match as Tom Clark managed here today. Tom caught on the pole using corn over pellets at 6m for second overall.
R Teigh, Handsworth 68 145-2-0
Rich Teigh took third place catching carp too 10lbs using pellets on the pole at 12m.
D Whiting, March 61 121-13-0
S Drayton, Gainsborough 26 112-7-0
S Clark, Mansfield 30 102-4-0
14th September 2017 Thursday Veterans Match
Bridge Outer/Croft – 27 pegs

G Hiley, Woodhouse Angling B out 5 150-6-0
Geoff Hiley smashed the win in todays match with an excellent net of carp. Geoff caught using pellet and corn at 11m.
P Fisher, Retford B out 24 118-8-0
Paul Fisher took second place with his first ever ton-plus net. Paul caught on short pole with corn and pellets.
R Holmes, Notts AAB out 9 91-3-0
Roger Holmes opted for paste today at 10m and finished in third spot.
L Hewison, Leegem B out 50 75-14-0
A Tait, Retford C 25 75-12-0
11th September 2017 Monday Veterans Costcutter
Bridge Island/Croft Pool – 16 pegs

A Tait, Retford C 27 183-7-0
Alan Tait finished the clear winner in this great Monday match. Alan caught carp and silvers using maggots over pellet on the pole.
M Hall, Tuxford C 0 132-7-0
Mick Hall took second place also on Croft today. Mick caught using long pole and pellets.
N Hirst, Ackworth AC B Isl 25123-3-0
Neil Hirst was top weight on Bridge Island catching carp on short pole using paste.
L Hewison, Leegem C 3119-6-0
M Fellows, Sheffield B Isl 14 104-5-0