19th February 2017. Daiwa HALLCROFT open
Moat Outer/ Reed (20 pegs).
S Gray, Worksop.
Moat 40.
Stuart Gray won this match from unfancied moat Outer 40. Stuart fished long pole with for carp to 8lb and skimmers to 2lb.
N Stones, Barnsley.
Reed 31.
Neil Stones was best weight on Reed 31. Neil fished pole with pellet for carp to 4lb.
A Berisford, Leegem.
Reed 40.
Arthur Berisford fished pole short and to some reeds with corn for carp to 6lb.
P Elliott, Leegem.
Moat 32.
N Vernon, Gainsborough.
Reed 22.

19th February 2017. Daiwa HALLCROFT Teams of 4 silverfish.
Moat/Bridge and Croft. (32 pegs).
G Smith, Daiwa Sensas.
Croft 8.
With the milder weather this was a cracking match with 15 weights over 20lb. Gordon Smith fished caster over groundbait for skimmers roach and tench.
B Holmes, Dynamite.
Moat Isl 40.
Ben Holmes came 2nd from moat island with 28lb. Ben fished maggot and pellet for mainly skimmers.
J Barningham, Marukyu.
Moat Isl 50.
John Barningham continued his good form catching skimmers on long pole.
S Shepherd, Grebe All Stars.
Croft 0.
B Sullivan, Sullivan slappas
Moat Isl. 43.

18th February 2017. Daiwa Hallcroft Open
I Moat (21 Pegs).
A Oldham, Frenzee.
Outer 6.
Andy Oldham won this Saturday open from outer peg 6.
Andy fished feeder with corn and corn and pellet down the edge for 10 carp.
P Bagshaw, Barnsley Blacks.
Island 61.
Pete Bagshaw fished pole with pellet and maggot for 5 carp and a few skimmers.
P Elliott, Leegem.
Island 68.
Paul Elliott fished bomb with pellet and corn for carp to 8lb.
G Gibson, Max Tackle.
Outer 26.
D Boswell, Retford.
Island 50.
16th February 2017. Daiwa Hallcroft Vets
Moat (34 Pegs).
R Teigh, Handsworth.
Island 61.
With a slight upturn in the weather there some reasonable weights in this latest well attended vets match. Rich Teigh fished long pole with soft pellet for carp and skimmers and 66lb.
P School, Hallcroft.
Outer 28.
Outer 28.
Paul School fished PVa bag with mixed pellets and banded 6 mm for carp to 8lb.
P Bagshaw, Barnsley Blacks.
Outer 25.
Pete Bagshaw fished pole with maggot over groundbait for skimmers and 3 carp.
T Bray, Chesterfield.
Outer 19.
P Tatley, Ollerton.
Island 43.