Daiwa Hallcroft Open.
Croft/Reed (25 pegs).

N Vernon, Gainsborough. Croft 27. 142-2-0.
Neil Vernon fished shallow waggler with banded 8mm pellet for carp to 10lb.
L Hewison, Leegem. Reed 24. 137-3-0.
Lee Hewison fished shallow 6mm pellet for 30 carp to 7lb.
S Clark, Mansfield. Croft 0. 122-12-0.
Steve Clark fished bomb and pellet and down the edge with corn and pellet for carp tench and skimmers.
N Stones, Barnsley. Reed 33. 102-12-0.
B Dales, Tuxford. Croft 23. 96-14-0.
24th June 2017. Daiwa Hallcroft Open.
Bridge/ Moat Islands. (26 Pegs).

A Whitehouse, Scunthorpe. Bridge 19. 125-8-0.
Andy Whitehouse fished long pole pinging 6mm pellets at 13m for carp and a few skimmers.
R Teigh, Handsworth. Bridge 13. 118-11-0.
Rich Teigh fell just 1 fish short with 118lb. Rich fished short pole with 8mm pellet.
G Leversidge, Barnsley Blacks. Bridge 4. 91-10-0.
Gavin fished shallow pellet and down the edge with maggots for 3rd place.
D Downes, Killamarsh. Moat 41. 81-7-0.
K Crummey, Retford. Moat 14. 79-12-0.
23rd June 2017. Daiwa Hallcroft afternoon Open.
Moat (23 Pegs).

D Dare, Blidworth. Outer 48. 84-15-0.
Dave Dare had to alternate bomb and pellet short pole and down the margins to keep carp coming, ending with 14 to 9lb.
N Hirst, Ackworth AC. Island 40. 77-11-0.
Neil Hirst fished mainly in the margins with 8mm over micros.
D Whiting, March. Outer 6. 68-15-0.
Dave Whiting fished feeder with corn, pellet and bandums for carp to 8lb.
K Crummey, Retford. Outer 52. 56-13-0.
S Gray, Worksop. Island 64. 56-11-0.
22nd June 2017. Daiwa Hallcroft Vets.
Bridge and Reed (35 Pegs).

S G Cook, Retford. Bridge Outer 26. 124-6-0.
Stephen Cook fished hair rigged corn on bomb over his pole line for carp well into double figures.
R Turner, Retford. Reed 14. 102-6-0.
Reg Turner fished shallow pellet at 14m for carp to 6lb and 102lb total.
P Tatley, Ollerton. Reed 19. 89-12-0.
Pete Tatley fished hard 6mm pellet at 12m for carp to 7lb.
S Taylor, Rotherham. Reed 22. 88-0-0.
A Payling, Peg One Angling. Reed 28. 84-1-0.
19th June 2017. Daiwa Hallcroft Vets.
Bridge Outer/ Croft. (18 Pegs).

A Tait, Retford. Bridge 12. 117-14-0.
With the top 5 all breaking the ton this was a cracking match. Alan Tait fished shallow pellet at 13m for carp to 10lb.
S Taylor, Rotherham. Bridge 6. 115-13-0.
Steve Taylor also used shallow tactics to good effect catching 18 carp to 8lb.
K Pacey, Gainsborough. Croft 0. 113-12-0.
Ken Pacey alternated 8mm pellet on bomb and long pole on the deck for carp and tench.
R Holmes, Notts. Bridge 45. 109-14-0.
J Tollerfield, Barnsley. Croft 21. 105-5-0.