26th November 2017. Daiwa Hallcroft Open.
Reed/ Canal (16 Pegs).

S Taylor, Rotherham. Reed 45. 67-2-0.
Steve Taylor fished long pole alternating pellet and corn for 17 carp to 5lb.
G Gibson, Worksop. Reed 31. 66-1-0.
Gordon Gibson fished pole with 6mm pellet for carp to 8lb.
N Vernon, Gainsborough. Reed 38. 53-11-0.
Neil Vernon fished bomb with pellet and pole for 3rd place.
J Skipper, Leegem. Canal 2. 50-8-0.
D Newman, Leegem. Canal 12. 50-0-0.
25th November 2017. Daiwa Hallcroft Open.
Moat (30 Pegs).

T Clark, Mansfield. Island 65. 49-4-0.
Tom Clark won this Saturday Open from Island 65. Tom fished maggot over groundbait at 7m for 8 carp and a few skimmers.
D Boswell, Retford. Outer 54. 44-4-0.
Dave Boswell fished bomb and feeder with pellets and corn for 5 carp and a few skimmers.
D Dare, Blidworth. Outer 6. 43-2-0.
Dave Dare fished pellet and corn on feeder to far bank for 3rd place.
J Kelly, Doncaster. Outer 41. 40-4-0.
T Butt, Sheffield. Island 52. 31-12-0.
23rd November 2017. Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans.
Moat (31 Pegs).

P Bagshaw, Barnsley Blacks. Island 55. 60-14-0.
Pete Bagshaw won this tight contest with ounces separating top 2. Pete fished corn and pellet on pole and pellet cone on top for carp to 8lb.
S Twigg, Leegem. Island 49. 60-10-0.
Steve Twigg also alternated pole and bomb tactics catching mainly on corn and maggot.
P Schoof, Hallcroft. Outer 43. 51-2-0.
Paul Schoof fished PVA bag with pellets for 3rd place.
P Fisher, Retford. Island 43. 46-1-0.
I Temple, Retford. Island 40. 45-11-0.
20th November 2017. Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans.
Bridge/ Croft (12 Pegs).

K Crummey, Retford. Bridge 20. 51-15-0.
Keith Crummey continued his good form winning this Monday match from Bridge outer 20. Keith fished PVA bag with 4 and 6mm pellet for carp to 8lb.
C Line, Retford. Bridge 12. 35-14-0.
Chris Line fished hair rigged corn on bomb and feeder for second place.
D Whiting, March. Bridge 16. 33-3-0.
Dave Whiting fished maggot on long pole for a mixed net of carp and skimmers.
D Boswell, Retford. Croft 24. 26-12-0.
D Dare, Blidworth. Bridge 24. 22-14-0.