Tuesday 30th August 2011 Daiwa Hallcroft Afternoon Open
Moat Island Pool (22 Pegs )
1st A Favill (Tuxford) Peg 25 123-12-0
Moat Pool continues to produce some impressive weights with 100lb needed for a placing.Leading the way was Tuxford angler Andy Favill from peg 25.Andy fished worms,casters and maggots short and in the margins for carp to 12lb
2nd R Teigh (Handsworth) Peg 55 113-8-0
Rich fished short pole and meat and later meat over groundbait into the margins for 16 carp upto 10lb
3rd S Bradley (Retford) Peg 20 93-14-0
Stephen fished paste on short pole and in the margins for carp to 11lb
4th B Sullivan (Maltby) 86-15-0 5th S Cook (Retford) 81-12-0
Thursday 1ST September 2011 Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans Open
Moat Outer Pool (39 Pegs)
1st D Fantom (Sheffield) Peg 111 81-12-0
Dave Fantom continued last weeks victory with another win from outer 111. Dave fished short pole with meat over hemp and pellet feed for 16 carp to 8lb
2nd P Tatley (Trentmen) Peg 96 77-14-0
Pete alternated paste and corn at 6m for mainly carp to 8lb
3rd A Beresford (Map Leegem) Peg 31 63-4-0
Arthur fished short pole with maggots for a mixed net of carp and skimmers
4THP Bagshaw (Barnsley Blacks) 62-2-0 5th M Fellows(Sheffield) 52-8-0
Friday 2nd September 2011 Daiwa Hallcroft Afternoon Open
Moat Pool (30 Pegs)
1st S Clark (Mansfield) Peg Outer 81 298-5-0
The match record was broken yet again in this latest open on moat pool and the 300lb was nearly also achieved. Steve Clark was the angler to do it again from outer peg 81. Fishing meat and catmeat at 5m Steve caught carp into double figures finishing with over 35 carp.
2nd D Dare (Notts) Peg Outer 96 181-12-0
Dave also came close to the double ton with 181lb.Dave fished short pole with worms and maggots and later switched to the margins with the same baits for carp well into double figures.
3rd A Favill (Tuxford) Peg Isalnd 23 167-12-0
Andy also used the margins with casters for his ton plus weight
4th D Whiting (Buttonhole) 157-11-0 5th T Butt (Sheffield) 139-2-0
Daiwa Hallcroft Open Match (Saturday)
Moat Outer (21 pegs)
1 D Dare, Mansfield, 97-4-0; peg 101
Dave Dare continued his good form from yesterday with victory in today’s open match. Dave fished a combination of chopped worms and caster, then switched to paste later on to catch carp and bream in his winning net.
2 N Speed, Middy Dynamite, 91-8-0; peg 70
A return to Moat saw Nick Speed taking second spot with carp caught using luncheon meat on the pole at 13m
3 R Fackerell, MAP Leegem, 84-4-0; peg 109
Following a long absence from match fishing, Rob Fackerell showed he still has what it takes as he took third spot today with a nice net of carp.
4 C Eaves, Worksop, 74-4-0; 5 A Sellars, Bankside Tackle, 60-0-0
Daiwa Hallcroft Open Match (Sunday)
Moat/Bridge (46 pegs)
1 N Vernon, Gainsborough, 114-0-0; peg M Out 101
Neil Vernon was today’s clear winner with a fine display of shallow waggler fishing to net another ton plus weight. Neil used banded pellet and meat to net carp up to 10lbs plus taken from the middle of the lake
2 R Fackerell, MAP Leegem, 90-8-0; peg M Isl 61
Rob Fackerell took the close battle for second spot by just 2 ounces. Rob fished shallow on the pole at 12m using casters and netted mainly carp up to 8lbs.
3 A Sellars, Bankside Tackle, 90-6-0; peg M Isl 26
Andy Sellars fished punched meat on a shallow waggler towards the middle and finished third overall with all carp.
4 J Barningham, Daiwa Hallcroft, 83-0-0; 5 S Shepherd, Worksop, 66-10-0; 6 K Baxter, Mosborough, 60-10-0;