Saturday 8th September Daiwa CLUBMAN FINAL 2012
Moat Island (25 Pegs) 1 S Holberry, Woodseats AC; Peg 2; 160-6-0 
This was a fitting end to the club season with Daiwa putting up £2000 of prizes including a TDSR4 pole for the winner.

That poole along with other winnings went to Steve Holberry of Sheffield from moat island 2. Steve fished shallow with pellet and meat at 13m for 27 carp upto 9lb. 
2 D Patrickson, Woodseats AC, Peg 5; 98-11-0 Making a one two for Woodseats AC was Dave Patrickson from peg 5. Dave also used shallow tactics to good effect in his nearly ton weight. 
3 L Hewison, Newcastle Arms, Peg 14; 78-12-0 Lee alternated shallow and down the margins with corn for 15 carp 
4 M Palmer, Retford, 48-10-0
5 J Oldfield, Plough AC, 48-0-0      
6 S G Cook, N Arms, 40-12-0 
Sunday 9th September 2012 Daiwa Hallcroft Open 
Moat Pool (32 Pegs) 1 A Lakey, Worksop, Peg Island 44; 144-3-0 The top 4 in this match all broke the ton barrier and only 1lb separated the top 2
Leading the field was Andy Lakey from Island peg 44. Andy caught majority of his fish in the margins alternating pellet and corn over groundbait. Andy caught 17 carp to 12lb 2 P Miles, Doncaster, Peg Island 48; 143-12-0 
Ever consistent Pete Miles was second with 143lb 12 oz. Pete also used the margins to good effect for his 16 carp well into double figures 
3 S Barraclough, Frenzee, Bait Tech, Peg Island 2; 114-0-0 Steve fished pellet shallow at 13m and corn down the edge for his ton weight. 
4 S Shepherd, Worksop, 104-2-0                
5 L Hewison, Hallcroft, 77-8-0

Monday 3rd September 2012 Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans 

Croft/Bridge Island (21 Pegs) 
1 D Whiting, Buttonhole AC, Peg Br Isl 20; 102-12-0 This veterans monday match is gaining in popularity and producing some good returns. Leading this latest contest was Dave Whiting from Bridge Island 20. Dave fished worm over pellet, hemp and maggots at 11m for 14 carp to 9lb and 20lb of skimmers 
2 D Sewell, James Maude AC, Peg Croft 25; 75-2-0 Dave drew croft 25 and opted to fish pole at 8m and into the margins. Dave used luncheon meat over 4mm feed pellet for 6 carp and 30lb of skimmers and tench. 
3 C Line, Retford, Peg Br Isl 13; 72-14-0 Chris also used pellet to good effect for his mixed net of carp and skimmers 
4 J Simms, Map Leegem, 72-8-0          
5 I Temple, Retford, 68-12-0 

Tuesday 4th September 2012 Daiwa Hallcroft Afternoon  
Moat Island (19 Pegs) 
1 P Schoof, Hallcroft, Peg 43; 117-0-0 A strong north wind seemed to push the fish towards the bowl end of moat pool and thats where the top two weights came from. Paul Schoof drew 43 and fished paste at 13m over pellets and hemp for carp into double figures. 
2 A Beresford, Map Leegem, Peg 37; 107-12-0 Arthur also broke the ton barrier from island 37. Arthur fished pellet cone alternating meat and corn on the hook for 19 carp to 8lb 
3 G Westwater, Map, Peg 57; 53-6-0 Graham caught majority of his fish in the margins on 10mm meat over groundbait 
4 C Lines, Hallcroft, 47-13-0            
5 A Cordall, Retford, 46-10-0 
Thursday 6th September 2012 Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans 

Bridge Pool (28 Pegs) 
1 J Hobson, Hallcroft, Peg Outer 43; 78-12-0 Jack Hobson blitzed this thursday field from unfancied peg 43 on bridge outer. Jack fished short with green swim stim paste over micro feed pellet for 6 carp to 8lb and 38lb of skimmer bream 
2 R Turner, Retford, Peg Outer 46; 44-8-0 Reg Turner headed the chasing pack with 44lb. Reg fished 4mm and 6mm expander pellet over 4mm feed at 13m for 5 carp and 25lb of skimmers 
3 T Furby, Notts AA, Peg Island 11; 44-6-0 Trevor also used pellet to good effect, but used short pole for his mixed net of carp and skimmers 
4 P Schoof, Hallcroft, 42-14-0          
5 B Rance, Retford Honda, 41-12-0 

Friday 7th September 2012 Daiwa Hallcroft Afternoon  
Moat Outer (24 Pegs) 
1 C Greenside, Worksop AA, Peg 67; 96-2-0 With the match times going back an hour weights were slightly down on previous weeks. Chris Greenside drew peg 67 and attacked the margins with corn and meat over groundbait and micro pellets. Chris caught 13 carp to 9lb 
2 J Oldfield, Plough AC, Peg 52; 77-10-0 John also used the margins but caught some early fish on paste over pellet at 13m before switching to corn in the edge. 
3 R Teigh, Handsworth, Peg 71; 73-12-0 Rich fished meat and pellet both short and long pole for 12 carp and a few skimmers 
4 G Westwater, Map, 66-13-0        
5 D Oldfield, Plough AC, 65-6-0