8th September 2013 Sunday Open Match
Moat Pool, 41 pegs
D Whiting, Button Hole AC Isl 38 180-12-0
Dave Whiting continued his good form with another victory today to make it two in a row this weekend. Dave netted carp and bream using different hook baits over casters and groundbait.
G Gibson, Worksop Out 56 161-14-0
Gordon Gibson took second spot with another nice ton plus net of carp. Gordon caught at 12m and from the margins using cat meat over pellets.
B Holmes, Dynamite Matrix Trentmen Out 8 124-12-0
Ben Holmes fished 8mm banded pellets at 13m and 6m to catch all carp for third place.
J Green, Kilnhurst Out 65 118-6-0
S Quibell, Rotherham Out 52 95-8-0

7th September 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Clubman Final 2013
Moat Island, 24 pegs
D Oldfield, Plough AC 38 92-6-0
Derek Oldfield was the overall winner in this year’s Daiwa Hallcroft Clubman Final. Derek fished corn and meat down the margins and netted carp too 10lbs.
A Tait, New Packet Inn 2 62-8-0
Alan Tait took the close second spot witha a net of mainly carp caught from a deep margin swim using pellet and corn.
S Pimperton, Plough AC 44 60-4-0
Shane Pimperton fished Paste over pellet and hemp at 11m on the pole for third with carp and bream.
L Hewison, Newcastle Arms 68 54-4-0 Shallow pole with meat.
A Cordall, Bryden AC 60 39-14-0 Pole and pellet.
N Wood, Railway Fed. 20 35-8-0 Pole and corn.

7th September 2013 Saturday open match
Moat Outer, 20 pegs
D Whiting, Button Hole AC 51 128-14-0
Dave Whiting was the winner today fishing worm over casters on the pole at 10m.
A Bailey, Daiwa Dons 10 126-10-0
Andy Bailey fished 8mm pellet on the pole at 8m for second place today.
D Oldham, Maltby 46 100-2-0
Daz Oldham finished third with a nice ton plus net of pellet caught carp.
J Kelly, Kelly’s Stores 75 74-12-0 Pole and pellet.

6th September 2013 Friday PM Open Match
Moat Island, 15 pegs
P Miles, Kelly’s Stores 27 190-0-0
Pete Miles blitzed the field today with a brilliant ton plus net of fish. Pete caught using maggot over groundbait to both side margins.
J Hobson, Sheffield 59 138-8-0
Jack Hobson edged second spot with carp and bream caught on short pole with paste or catmeat as baits.
D Whiting, Button Hole AC 44 130-6-0
Dave Whiting took third place with a nice ton plus net of carp caught on pole and paste.
A Bailey, Daiwa Dons 49 120-15-0 Pole and corn over pellet
J Oldfield, Sheffield 107-2-0 39 Pole and corn.

5th September 2013 Thursday Veterans Match
Moat Pool Outer, 34 pegs
J Simms, MAP Leegem 74 81-14-0
Joe Simms fished pellet on the pole at 9m to catch carp and bream for victory today.
N Wood, MAP Leegem 53 78-14-0
Nigel Wood took second place with carp and skimmers caught using maggot and groundbait.
R Holmes, Notts AA 12 65-2-0
Roger Holmes finished third with carp and bream caught on meat at 6m on the pole.
P Schoof, Hallcroft 62 63-10-0 Pole and paste
B Sullivan, MAP Leegem 101 62-10-0 pole and pellet
A Berisford, MAP Leegem 18 58-12-0

3rd September 2013 Tuesday PM Costcutter
Moat Pool Outer, 25 pegs
D Clegg, Britannia Tackle 70 158-10-0
Dick Clegg showed his experience today as he won with a magnificent ton plus net of carp. Dick caught using paste and pellet on the pole at 8m.
J Masson, Maver Marukyu 14 151-5-0
Jamie Masson fished corn over groundbait to the margins for good effect as he claimed second place with another ton plus weight.
A Bailey, Daiwa Dons 61 144-8-0
Andy Bailey was close behind in third with carp caught on short pole and down the margins.
S Kennedy, Hallcroft 88 104-2-0 pole and paste
J Hobson, Sheffield 67 89-3-0 pole and paste
L Hewison, MAP Leegem 99 89-0-0 pole and pellet

2nd September 2013 Monday Veterans Costcutter
Bridge Pool, 23 pegs
R Turner, Retford Island 16 75-1-0
Reg Turner edged this close match with carp and skimmers caught using pellet and meat shallow on the pole
J Hobson, Sheffield Outer 27 73-0-0
Jack Hobson fished paste over pellet on the pole at 6m to catch carp too 9lbs
N Wood, MAP Leegem Outer 36 63-12-0
Nigel Wood took third place with carp caught on corn and pellet over groundbait.