2nd March 2014 Sunday Open Match
Moat Pool, 32 pegs
A Burley (Malin Bridge)) Island 62 47-12-0Alan Burley fished a small pellet feeder with various hair rigged hook baits for 5 carp and skimmers. Alan put micros nd 4mm pellets through the feeder
R Walker (Wickersley) Island 55 24-10-0Robin fished pole and pellet at 10m for a mixed bag of carp and skimmers
D Hiley (Peg One) Outer 24 20-12-0Dave Hiley caught all silvers on short pole with caster and maggot over groundbait
A Berisford (Map Leegem) Island 65 18-6-0
G Mumby (Retford) Island 47 18-2-0

1st March 2014 Saturday Open Match
Moat Pool, 20 pegs
B Poole, Bag’em Baits Isl 47 48-11-0Bob Poole opted to fished a groundbait feeder with corn just past half way across Moat. Bob netted carp too 8lbs plus the odd Bream too 3lbs in his winning net today.
N Wood, MAP Leegem Isl 40 25-1-0The close second place battle fell to in form Nigel Wood who netted mainly skimmer bream on long pole with maggot over pellet.
G Mumby, Team Frenzee Out 27 23-0-0Gary Mumby finished third with skimmers and carp also caught on long pole, but he used expander pellet on the hook. 
D Dare, Marukyu Isl 54 22-4-0

27th February 2014 Thursday Veterans Match
Moat Pool, 36 Pegs
N Wood, MAP Leegem Out 37 22-3-0This well attended Veterans match turned out to be a real challenge for anglers today as the fish weren’t playing ball. Nigel Wood ended up winner with bream and carp caught on long pole with groundbait and maggot.
R Smith, Peg One Out 55 18-12-0Roy Smith stuck it out for carp today on the feeder with corn and ended up second with the help of a 10lb common.
A Payling, Peg One Out 9 18-2-0Arnie Payling took third spot with a net of small skimmers caught on the waggler with maggot to the middle of Moat.
A Berisford, MAP Leegem Isl 42 16-8-0

24th February 2014 Monday Veterans Costcutter
Moat Island (14 pegs)
T Furby, Notts AA 60 37-14-0Trevor Furby was today’s winner with some nice winter carp caught on the feeder with hairrigged corn as hook bait.
A Berisford, MAP Leegem 45 25-0-0Arthur Berisford fished short pole with caster to catch a nice mixed net of silvers and a bonus 5lb carp to take second spot.

I Temple, Retford 47 17-4-0Ian Temple edged the close third spot with mainly skimmers caught on pole with expander pellet.
R Holmes, Notts AA 52 15-14-0