28/5/17. Daiwa Hallcroft Open.
Moat (31 Pegs).

A Whitehouse, Scunthorpe. Outer 56. 140-3-0.
Andy Whitehouse won this Sunday open with 140lb. Andy fished up and down in the water with 6mm pellet for 21 carp to 8lb.
R Teigh, Handsworth. Outer 10. 134-12-0.
Rich Teigh alternated shallow pellet and corn down the margin for 18 carp.
I Thompson, Barnsley. Outer 19. 95-13-0.
Ian Thompson fished hard pellet on the bottom for carp into double figures.
P Miles, Doncaster. Island 53. 91-0-0.
L Payling, Peg One angling. Outer 14. 74-13-0.
27th May 2017. Daiwa Hallcroft Open.
Moat (21 Pegs).

R Teigh, Handsworth. Island 12. 173-11-0.
Rich Teigh won this Saturday open with an impressive 173lb. Rich fished 6 and 8 mm pellet short for carp to 12lb.
S Clark, Mansfield. Island 63. 143-15-0.
Steve Clark fished long pole with pellet and pellet down the edge for carp to 10lb.
S Baraclough, Browning. Island 73. 138-1-0.
Steve Baraclough fished shallow meat for his 3rd place finish.
D Smith, Sheffield. Island 2. 100-0-0.
K Talbot, Hallcroft. Island 68. 85-4-0.
26th May 2017. Daiwa Hallcrof Afternoon.
Moat (27 Pegs).

C Dumbrell, Barnsley. Outer 110. 160-0-0.
With the carp still spawning the fishing was patchy in this Friday open. Craig Dumbrell drew fancied end peg 110 and made no mistake catching 26 carp on pellets long and down the edge.
K Cresswell, Tuxford. Island 67. 114-12-0.
Kev Cresswell fished corn over pellet at 6m for carp to 12lb and some skimmers.
D Dare, Blidworth. Island 17. 94-14-0.
Dave Dare fished hard 6mm pellet long and short for his 3rd place.
T Butt, Sheffield. Outer 105. 70-13-0.
D Whiting, Marsh. Outer 90. 66-13-0.
25th May 2017. Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans.
BRidge/ Croft (34 Pegs).

D Whiting, Marsh. Croft 0. 100-0-0.
Despite the fish heavily spawning there were still some reasonable weights in this latest Vets match. Dave Whiting led the way with 100lb. He caught carp, skimmers and tench on worms for the win.
A Tait, Hallcroft. Croft 15. 87-14-0
There was a tie for 2nd both anglers used corn and pellet short and down the edge for carp to 8lb.
S Twigg, Leegem. Br Outer 58. 87-14-0.
A Sellars, R and R sports. Croft 2. 66-13-0.
R Walker, Rotherham. Br Outer 22. 60-0-0.
22nd May 2017. Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans.
Bridge Outer.(15 Pegs).

P School, Leegem. 15. 106-15-0.
Paul School blitzed this Monday fi Le with 106lb. Paul fished paste and hard 8mm pellet for carp to 10lb.
J Tollerfield, Barnsley. 58. 71-6-0.
John Tollerfield finished second from peg 58. He fished corn, meat and pellet down the edge for carp to 8lb.
R Holmes, Notts. 25. 68-14-0.
Roger fished up and down in the water with 6mm pellet for carp and skimmers and 3rd place.
D Sewell, James Maude AC. 11. 41-12-0.
D Boswell, Retford. 53.