18th December 2016 Sunday Daiwa Hallcroft Teams of 4 Series

Moat Island, Bridge and Croft – 32 pegs


B Holmes, Dynamite Croft 20 36-9-0

Ben Holmes continued his good form in this league with another win. Ben fished maggots and groundbait on the pole.

C Greenside, Dynamite Croft 25 26-15-0

Chris Greenside caught nearly all skimmers in his third place net, using pole and caster.

J Barningham, Fantackletastic B Outer 11 21-3-0

John Barningham took third place with a mixed net of silvers caught on pole and casters.

S Clark, Mansfield Croft 8 21-0-0

S Shepherd, Worksop M Isl 54 19-15-0

18th December 2016 Sunday Open Match

Reed Pool – 14 pegs


P Elliott, Leegem 33 69-12-0

Paul Elliott fished expander pellet on the pole at 12m to catch mainly carp for the win.

L Hewison, Leegem 28 50-15-0

Lee Hewison caught small carp on pole and pellets to edge the close second place.

S Spurr, Leegem 11 50-2-0

Steve Spurr continued his good form on Reed with third place today.

C Line, Retford Angling 3146-15-0

S Grey, Worksop 42 35-2-0

17th December 2016 Saturday Open Match Silver Prize

Moat Pool – 17 pegs


B Holmes, Dynamite M Out 26 47-13-0

Ben Homes fished maggots and groundbait on the pole plus corn on the bomb for a mixed net of carp and skimmers.

D Smith, Hallcroft M Isl 60 46-5-0

Darren Smith finished a close second with mainly carp caught on a pellet feeder to the middle of Moat.

C Greenside, DynamiteM Isl 40 42-12-0

Chris Greenside took third spot with carp and silvers caught on short pole with casters

T Butt, LeedsM Isl 64 25-12-0

S Clark, Mansfield M Isl 56 24-8-0

16th December 2016 Friday Open Match

Reed Pool – 6 pegs


S Skelton, Farm Park 31 100-14-0

Simon Skelton edged this close match with a nice winter net of carp taken on pole and pellet.

N Shipman, Mansfield 38 100-4-0

Nigel Shipman finished a close second with another ton plus net of carp.

M Malia, Dynamite 34 91-12-0

Matt Malia fished long pole and expander pellet.

A Lakey, Worksop 12 83-0-0

C Brazier, Mansfield 8 65-12-0

15th December 2016 Thursday Veterans Open Match

Bridge/Croft Pools – 23 pegs


A Payling, Peg One Croft 5 68-12-0

Arnie Payling fished the pole at 10m using expander pellet over feed pellets to catch carp and skimmers for the win.

A Sellars, R&R Sports B Out 55 57-11-0

Andy Sellars took second place catching carp too 7lbs on a small feeder with groundbait and maggots.

D Clegg, DJK Floats B Isl 1 48-6-0

Dick Clegg edged the close third place with a net of small carp caught from the deep margins using pellet and corn.

T Brown, Leegem Croft 19 47-7-0

R Holmes, Notts AA B Isl 1346-3-0