22nd January 2017. Daiwa Hallcroft Teams of 4 silverfish.
Moat/Bridge and Croft (32 pegs).
A Oldham, Frenzee Croft 20 18-4-0.
Andy Oldham fished maggot over groundbait for skimmers and roach from Croft 20.
P Morgan, Northern Moat 43 16-7-0.
Phil fished pinkies on long pole for roach and skimmers from moat island 43.
S Plant, Max Tackle Bridge Island 19 13-8-0.
Scott Plant fished caster short for his skimmer net.
G Gibson, Max Tackle Moat Island 6413-3-0.
S Clark, Mansfield Moat Island 47. 12-15-0.

19th January 2017. Daiwa Hallcroft Vets.
Bridge Outer/Croft (25 pegs).
M Briggs, Doncaster Croft 8 55-12-0.
Martin Briggs won this Vetsmatch from unfancied peg 8 on Croft. Martin fished bomb with, pellet and corn for carp to 8lb.
R Turner, Retford Bridge 10 47-12-0.
Reg Turner was best on bridge with 47lb. Reg fished pole with pellet for carp and skimmers.
I Temple, Retford Bridge 49 37-12-0.
Ian Temple fished pole and tip for carp and skimmers , mainly catching on maggot.
S Carr, Worksop Bridge 6 36-12-0.
M Hall, Tuxford Bridge 54 34-11-0.

21st January 2017. Daiwa Hallcroft Open.
Moat (21 pegs).
P Miles, Doncaster Outer 40 40-15-0.
Pete Miles won this open with an impressive 30lb of skimmers and 1 carp. Pete caught on long pole with pellet and maggot.
P Golding, Worksop Island 40 34-11-0.
Paul Golding fishing tip with maggot and pellet for carp to 8lb.
M Malia, Dynamite Outer 26 24-6-0.
Matt Malia fished caster short and maggot long for skimmers.
B Holmes, Dynamite Island 61 22-15-0.
A Oldham, Frenzee Island 55 21-9-0.