19th September 2016 Daiwa Hallcroft Vets
bridge/Croft (18 Pegs)
K Crummey, Retford Br Out 42 118-5-0
Keith Crummey fished short pole and banded pellet for his victory on Bridge Outer 42
R Holmes, Notts Br Out 5 99-10-0
Roger Holmes also pellet on pole for his 2nd place finish
D Sewell, James Maude AC Br Out 46 95-10-0
Dave Sewell fished meat over micros for his mixed net of carp and skimmers
M Cook, Retford Br Out 25 74-9-0
D Whiting, March Croft 3 67-7-0

25th September 2016 Sunday Open Match
Moat/Bridge Island – 46 pegs

S Drayton, Gainsborough B Isl 19 177-14-0
Simon Drayton fished a great match to claim his first Sunday win at Hallcroft. Simon caught 25 carp plu skimmers at 6m using 6mm pellet.
P Elliott, Leegem M Isl 2 144-14-0
Paul Elliott continued his good form this season with second place fishing corn and pellets to his long margin peg.
D Oldham, Maltby B Isl 13 133-7-0
Daz Oldham fished pellet on short pole to catch a nice mixed ton-plus net of carp and bream for third place.
J Powell, The Rock M Isl 46 125-6-0
J Green, Rotherham M Isl 23 90-14-0
S Taylor, Rotherham M Isl 52 89-8-0

24th September 2016 Saturday Open Match
Moat Pool Outer – 27 pegs
G Gibson, Worksop 78 194-7-0
Gordon Gibson fell just 1 fish short of the magic 2 ton plus mark, but still ended up the winner today. Gordon caught well on short pole with banded pellets and then added some bonus carp from the margins late on.
P Miles, Rotherham 52 188-9-0
Pete Miles caught carp on both the feeder and pole using banded 8mm pellet to take second place today.
A Sellars, R&R Sports 36 153-5-0
Andy Sellars edged the close third spot fishing a bomb and waggler to the middle of Moat.
D Oldham, Maltby 22 151-13-0
P Elliott, Leegem 61 122-13-0

23rd September 2016 Friday PM Open Match
Moat Pool – 22 pegs
A Whitehouse, Scunthorpe Isl 64 215-15-0
Andy Whitehouse netted yet another 2 ton plus weight of carp to claim the win today. Andy caught shallow on long pole with pellets.
L Hewison, Leegem Out 6 201-15-0
Lee Hewison took second place with another excellent net of carp. Lee fished on corn over pellet and groundbait to the margins.
A Tait, New Packet Inn Out 56 133-7-0
Alan Tait fished long pole shallow with pellet and meat to take the close third place.
S Note, Mansfield Isl 61 133-1-0
P Miles, Rotherham Out 13 115-12-0
D Whiting, March Isl 40 115-9-0

22nd Septmber 2016 Daiwa Hallcroft Vets
Moat (38 Pegs)
R Teigh, Handsworth Isl 32 228-4-0
This was a cracking match for the Thursday Vets with some impressive weights. Rich Teigh came out clear winner with 228lb. Fishing short with pellets Rich caught steadily all match
D Oldham. Maltby Out 71 163-10-0
Daz Oldham alternated pellet short and shallow pellet on the pole for his 163lb of Carp
T Bray, Hallcroft Outer 6 159-10-0
Tony fished down the edge with pellet and corn for carp to 12lb
K Crummey, Retford Island 5 94-13-0
R Holmes, Notts Outer 26 94-1-0

20th September 2016 Daiwa Hallcroft Afternoon
Moat Island (18 Pegs)
A Capp, Trying it on AC 36 150-4-0
Andy Capp continued his good form keeping his competitors an arms length clear. Andy fished pellet short for carp well into double figures
P Miles, Doncaster 60 131-14-0
Pete Miles also used pellet to good effect catching short and long for 20 carp
K Crummey, Retford 68 88-2-0
Keith fished down the edge for his weight of 88lb
P Schoof, Hallcroft 47 87-11-0
D Whiting, Marsh 15 84-9-0