Moat Pool – 23 pegs

R Teigh, Handsworth 64. 102-8-0
Rich Teigh stormed to victory today catching carp on the pole using pellets and dead maggots.
S Gray, Worksop 2. 67-0-0
Stuart Gray caught carp and silvers using long pole with corn and pellets.
D Smith, Stapleford Angling 17. 40-12-0
Darren Smith took third place fishing expander pellet on the pole at 8m over micros.
P Miles, Rotherham. 70. 39-11-0
P Wright, Leegem. 61. 38-8-0
26th November 2016 Daiwa Hallcroft Open
Moat (19 Pegs)

P Miles, DoncasterIsland 64. 89-13-0
Pete Miles came out clear winner in this match with 89lb. Pete fished pellet cone with micros and corn for carp into double figures
S Shepherd, Grebe All starsIsland 73. 42-2-0
Steve Shepherd fished pole with maggot and pellet for carp and a few skimmers
A Oldham, Frenzee Outer 27. 34-12-0
Andy Oldham fished long pole with pellet and maggot for mainly skimmers to 1lb
S Clark, Grebe All starsOuter 44. 29-11-0
C Greenside, Dynamite Outer 54. 28-12-0
24th November 2016 Daiwa Hallcroft Vets
Moat (26 Pegs)

T Bray, HallcroftOuter 103 84-11-0
The Carpet decided to have a feed for this latest Vets match. Tommy Bray led the way with 84lb. Tommy alternated pole with pellet and maggot for 10 carp to 10lb
A Pauling, Peg One Angling Outer 93. 76-14-0
Armies Payling came a close 2nd from outer 93. Arnie fished maggot over ground bait for carp and skimmers
G Hiley, Mansfield Outer 107 65-14-0
Geoff Hiley also used maggot over ground bait for his 3rd place
LHewison, Leegem Island 2 61-5-0
P Fisher, HallcroftOuter 68. 59-8-0