2nd July 2017. Daiwa Hallcroft Open.
Moat (45 Pegs).

J Thomas, Mansfield. Island 40. 176-10-0.
Jason Thomas won this well attended Sunday match with an impressive 176lb. starting short with hard 6mm pellet and later switching to long pole shallow Jason caught carp to 10lb.
L Payling, Peg One. Outer 74. 132-10-0.
Lee Payling also used short pellet to good effect catching 17 carp to 12lb.
S Clark, Mansfield. Island 8. 100-2-0.
Steve Clark fished worms and pellets for a mixed net of carp and skimmers and 3rd place.
B Dales, Tuxford. Island 23. 100-2-0.
R Teigh, Handsworth. Outer 59. 90-4-0.
1st July 2017 Saturday Open Match
Bridge Pool – 31 pegs

J Wilde, Colmic Out 44 70-9-0
A tough but close match today on Bridge saw Jamie Wilde edge the day. With the fish not really on script, Jamie caught odd carp thoughout the match shallow on pellets.
G Leversidge, Drennan Barnsley Isl 19 69-10-0
Gavin Leversidge fished very similar tactics and also caught carp on the pole to take second place.
D Dare, Marukyu Isl 14 64-15-0
Dave Dare took third place with carp and slivers caught at 6m using pellets.
C Veasey, Mansfield Out 42 62-11-0
R Teigh, Handsworth Out 32 61-12-0
30th June 2017 Friday PM Open Match
Moat Island – 23 pegs

R Teigh, Handsworth 30 127-6-0
Rich Teigh continued his good recent form with another win today. Rich caught carp shallow using 6mm pellets.
S Gray, Worksop 66 113-4-0
Stuart Gray took second place with a nice net of carp too 10lbs on pole and corn.
A Tait, New Packet 42 106-3-0
Alan Tait fished the pole at 11m using meat and pellets to take third place.
M Parsons, New Packet 39 95-11-0
S Taylor, Rotherham 23 87-11-0
29th June 2017 Thursday Veterans Summer League Open.
Moat Pool – 37 pegs

A Payling, Peg One Out 47 112-7-0
Arnie Payling was the clear winner with a great net of carp all caught on the pole at 10m using pellets.
R Teigh, Handsworth Isl 5 86-4-0
Rich Teigh took second spot catching carp shallow and then some late on from his margins using pellet and corn.
P Tatley, Ollerton Out 11 65-3-0
Pete Tatley caught carp and the odd bream on the pole using luncheon meat for third place.
A Sellars, R&R Tackle Isl 13 63-10-0
P Bagshaw, Leegem Isl 29 57-11-0
26th June 2017 Monday Veterans Match
Bridge Outer/Croft – 24 pegs

R Teigh, Handsworth B out 9 99-15-0
Rich Teigh was today’s winner falling just 1 ounce shy of the ton mark. Rich caught carp shallow on the pole at 12m.
M Hall, Tuxford C 21 77-2-0
Mick Hall edged the close second place with a nice mixed net caught on pole and meat.
D Speight, Sheffield C 27 75-4-0
Dave Speight took third place with a net of carp and tench caught on pole and corn.
A Tait, New Packet B out 48 71-15-0
D Dare, Marukyu C 6 70-13-0