30th October 2016 Daiwa Hallcroft Open
Moat (40 Pegs)
S Clark, Mansfield Outer 36 114-13-0
Moat Pool continues to produce some great catches and a very tight finish. Steve fished pellet short and long for carp to 14lb
P Elliott, Leegem Outer 28 114-9-0
Paul Elliott caught more carp than the winner but fell just 4oz short with 114-9-0. Paul alternated corn and pellet for his weight
I Marshall, Leegem Outer 16 113-12-0
Ian Marshall caught some huge carp sown the margins on corn and maggot
S Gray, Worksop Island 26 107-10-0
L Hewison, Leegem Island 5 86-12-0

29th October 2016 Daiwa Hallcroft Open
Moat (32 Pegs)
A Whitehouse, Scunthorpe Island 58 134-4-0
Andy Whitehouse returned to winning ways in this Saturday open on Moat Pool. Andy fished banded 6 and 8mm pellet at 11m for carp to 12lb
S Clark, Mansfield Outer 30 127-10-0
Steve Clark also used pellet to good effect catching 16 carp to 14lb
B Holmes, Dynamite Outer 36 102-14-0
Ben Holmes fished 6mm expander over 4mm and micros for carp and skimmers and 3rd place
D Whiting, March Outer 51 96-13-0
M Malia, Gateford Angling Island 32 96-7-0

28th October 2016 Friday Open Match
Moat Pool Island – 7 pegs
S Clark, Mansfield 63 89-8-0
A small turn out today, but some quality anglers none the less. Steve Clark led the way with a nice winter net of carp caught on long pole with pellets.
A Lakey, Worksop 39 76-2-0
Andy Lakey took second place fishing expander pellet on a short pole line to catch carp and bream.
A Oldham, Frenzee 48 51-5-0
Third place went to Andy Oldham who netted 35lbs+ of silvers fishing the pole at 13m using pellets.
G Brown, Doncaster 43 37-6-0
P Miles, Rotherham 53 37-3-0

27th October 2016 Thursday Veterans Winter League
Moat Pool – 33 pegs
R Turner, Retford I 43 41-9-0
This weeks winter league lived up to it’s name as bites were at a premium today. A close match though with ounces separating the top 3 anglers. Reg Turner came out on top with carp and skimmers caught on long pole and expander pellet.
G Hiley, Woodhouse Angling Out 35 41-3-0
Geoff Hiley took second place with carp caught on the bomb using corn and pellets as hook baits.
D Downes, Killamarsh I 58 41-0-0
Dave Downes fished a small groundbait feeder to the middle of Moat to catch carp too 8lbs and third place today.
L Hewison, Leegem I 46 36-15-0
T Brown, Leegem I 56 36-7-0

24th October 2016 Monday Veterans Costcutter
Bridge Pool Outer – 12 pegs
D Whiting, March 23 104-5-0
Dave Whiting certainly hit on the method today in what turned out to be a tough match. Dave caught on a small bomb with hairrigged corn at 16m out.
J Hill, March 45 50-10-0
John Hill took second place fishing a t-bag with pellets to the middle of Bridge for just over 50lbs of carp.
D Boswell, Bryden AC 48 32-15-0
Dave Boswell also fished a tip rod today, and caught carp early and late in the match.