3rd September 2017. Daiwa Hallcroft Open.
Moat/ Croft (57 Pegs).

S Clark, Mansfield. Moat Outer 35. 107-10-0.
Steve Clark won this well attended Sunday open split between moat and Croft. Steve fished worms and maggot on feeder and pole for carp and skimmers and 100lb.
P Miles, Doncaster. Moat Outer 41. 99-9-0.
Pete Miles alternated worm on long pole and pellets and corn short for carp to 16 lb.
P Elliott, Leegem. Moat Outer 57. 97-12-0.
Paul Elliott fished corn pellet and meat on bomb for his 3rd place finish.
A Berisford, Leegem. Moat Outer 20. 84-13-0.
S Donahue, Doncaster. Moat Outer 50. 70-10-0.
2nd September 2017 Saturday Open Match
Moat Pool – 26 pegs

S Taylor, Rotherham Isl 5 162-10-0
Steve Taylor fished his margins using groundbait and corn to catch some decent size carp in his ton-plus net and the victory.
L Hewison, Leegem Isl 68 147-9-0
Lee Hewison took second place with another nice ton-plus net of carp caught on long pole with pellets.
D Dare, Marukyu Out 108 88-8-0
Dave Dare fished short pole and margins using corn and pellets to catch mainly carp for third spot.
J Marvell, Hallcroft Isl 17 78-11-0
P Elliott, Leegem Out 100 78-11-0
T Clark, Mansfield Out 104 78-1-0
1st September 2017 Friday PM Open match
Moat Island – 18 pegs

T Brown, Leegem 14 112-5-0
Tony Brown won this afternoon fishing a bomb over his long pole line using corn and hemp.
D Newman, Leegem 45 105-12-0
Daz Newman took second place fishing similar tactics to Tony also catching mainly carp.
K Crummey, Retford 49 89-5-0
Keith Crummey edged the close third place catching today on a T-bag with pellets.
J Powell, Rotherham 38 87-9-0
S Clark, Mansfield 6 82-15-0
31st August 2017 Thursday Veterans Match
Bridge/Croft Pool – 30 pegs

A Sellars, R&R Tackle B Isl 10 83-13-0
Andy Sellars fished a waggler with meat and pellet to catch carp and bream for the win today.
M Hall, Tuxford B Isl 13 81-1-0
Mick Hall was close behind in second place catching carp and skimmers using long pole with luncheon meat.
C Yves, Chesterfield B Out 9 72-0-0
Chuck Yves took third spot catching carp on corn at 11m on the pole.
K Crummey, Retford B Isl 16 63-14-0
D Whiting, March C 19 62-5-0
T Brown, Leegem C 8 60-10-0
28th August 2017 Monday Bank Holiday Festival Day 2
Moat Pool – 39 pegs

S Clark, Mansfield Isl 30 136-10-0
Steve Clark took the honours in both today’s match and the overall in the festival with a total of 296lbs. Steve fished worms and groundbait on the pole at 12m to catch mainly carp for the close win.
Sean Barge finished second in the festival with 279lbs, third was Daz Newman 232lbs, fourth Tony Brown and fifth Lee Hewison.
B Dales, Isl 54 135-11-0
Ben had to settle for second today with another decent net of carp take on pole with corn and pellet.
J Skipper, Gainsborough Isl 68 127-12-0
Jason Skipper fished on short pole using 6mm pellets to take third place.
L Hewison, Leegem Out 26 122-3-0
N Vernon, Gainsborough Isl 6 113-6-0