9th July 2017. Daiwa Hallcroft Open.
Moat (40 Pegs).

L Payling, Peg One. Island 2. 148-11-0.
Lee Payling won this well attended Sunday open with 148lb. Lee fished 6 and 8mm banded pellet for 20 carp and a few skimmers.
N a Stones, Barnsley. Island 73. 120-12-0.
Neil Stones fished long pole shallow and on the deck for carp to 10lb. .
R Drage, Hallcroft. Outer 2. 104-5-0.
Richard Drage fished shallow and to the reeds with pellet for his 3rd place.
A Whitehouse, Scunthorpe. Outer 106. 104-3-0.
B Dales, Tuxford. Island 58. 88-14-0.
8th July 2017. Daiwa Hallcroft Open.
Moat Outer. (24 Pegs).

I Thompson, Barnsley. 10. 104-0-0.
Ian Thompson fished long pole with hard pellet on the deck for 15 carp to 10lb.
D Smith, Sheffield. 49. 79-12-0.
Darren Smith alternated pellet and corn on short and long pole for his 79lb.
D Oldham, Maltby. 80. 62-2-0.
Daz Oldham fished meat and pellet for his 3rd place finish.
D Whiting, March. 45. 59-9-0.
D Graham, Sheffield. 18. 58-14-0.
7th July 2017. Daiwa Hallcroft Afternoon open.
Moat (23 Pegs).

D Oldham, Maltby. Outer 56. 121-2-0.
Daz Oldham drew fancied end peg 56 and made no mistake with 121lb. Alternating meat and pellet on pole Daz caught carp and skimmers steadily all match.
P School, Hallcroft. Outer 11. 108-2-0.
Paul Schoof fished paste over pellet and hemp on pole for his 2nd place finish.
R Teigh, Handsworth. Island 50. 100-1-0.
Righ Teigh fished 6mm hard pellet shallow for his ton catch.
N Hirst, Ackworth AC. Island 43. 81-13-0.
J Wilde, Colmic. Island 61. 74-14-0.
6th July 2017. Daiwa Hallcroft Vets.
Moat Outer (32 Pegs).

D Whiting, March. 14. 95-0-0.
Dave Whiting won this Vets match with 95lb. Dave fished long pole with work over caster and hemp for a mixed net of carp and skimmers.
A Tait, Hallcroft. 41. 84-10-0.
Alan Tait fished hard 6mm pellet on long pole for his mainly carp net.
A Sellars, R and R sports. 44. 81-14-0.
Andy Sellars alternated bomb and waggled with pellet for carp into double figures.
P Tatley, Ollerton. 6. 70-13-0.
G Hiley, Mansfield. 110. 67-13-0.
3rd July 2017 Monday Veterans costcutter
Bridge Outer/Croft – 20 pegs

M Quilter, Mansfield C 25 173-3-0
Martin Quilter had a terrific days fishing using short pole and maggot tactics. Martin netted over 40lbs of silvers plus carp to win with his first Hallcroft ton plus.
D Whiting, March B Out 24 104-15-0
Dave Whiting also had a memorable match catching over 65lbs of bream in his second place net using long pole and worms.
A Tait, New Packet C 7 102-2-0
Alan Tait took third place with a net of carp caught shallow on the pole.
D Speight, Sheffield C 22 77-10-0
D Boswell, Bryden AC C 5 76-4-0
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