Report by Clint Elliot and Ian Chambers

 Martin Williams first ever festival leads to victory… 

Martin Williams (Northern Gen) from Sheffield won his first ever festival against 71 other anglers competing in the new DAIWA Match Winner Virgins Festival. 
Martin a Transport Administrator for Fletchers Bakeries walks away with £1000.00 in cash and the Daiwa Match Winner 811 pole worth £1250.00 plus an invite to the 2003 Parkdean Masters. Martin’s week’s winnings amount to £1469.00 cash and the pole a job well done!
Martin had a good start to the festival winning his lake on day 1. Martin fished 11metre pole with pellet on peg 6 Manaccan weighing in 38lb 7oz this put him in 3rd place overall. Andy Gurd fished peg 22 Trelawney the eleven-meter pole cupping 20, 4mm pellet and fishing a 6mm expander on the hook and weighed 51lb 8oz of all Carp to 4lb. Second was Jamie Jones from peg 19 Carleon with 44lb 9oz.
Things were hotting up on day 2 with Spencer Smith and Bob Hyde on maximum points. Spencer Smith won Carleon on day 2 fishing a 4×14 rig down the margin with caster catching fishing for Roach but ending up catching carp. His take it easy approach worked on the day and he weighed in 29lb 02oz for his second section win in two days. Bob Hyde won his lake from 28 on Trelawney with an impressive 41lb 08oz of carp and skimmers on the pellet. Martin fished 16 meter pole with corn but was 6lb short of a lake win, this put him third overall in the festival.
Day 3 and Spencer Smith took top honors yet again winning his lake and section from peg 2 on Trelawney. Spencer fished long pole shallow and deep and the margins catching Carp, Skimmers and roach to weigh 33lb 12oz.This gives Spencer a perfect three section wins on the bounce with 27 points. Martin also won his lake and section on Carleon with 39lb from peg 13. Martin fished 16 Meter pole with corn and is on 26 points only dropping one point making him second overall. Third overall is White Acres regular Steve Bass winning his section on Lamorna with 37lb 09oz of mainly small Carp on the feeder and pole, this gave him 25 points.
Day 4 and with the final shoot out looking exciting four points covered the top five anglers and it was all to fish for. Spencer Smith drew peg 11 Manaccan an average peg but Spencer right on form was ready for his next win! Martin Williams drew peg 20 Trelawney it’s not been the best but he has plenty of room as it end peg. Both anglers started well both catching from the off. The problem for Spencer is that the lake is 25 meters wide and as soon as you get the fish feeding they back off and you need to chase them around the lake. But he stuck with it and ended up second in his section with 29lb 14oz of all small Carp. As for Martin he plugged away all day pinching the odd fish from three different lines and ending up with 62lb 10oz for a section win and second overall on the lake. Both anglers ended up on the same points but Martin had a large weight advantage beating him by 57lb 05oz giving him the first ever Daiwa Match Winner festival win! The only bad thing to come out of Martins Victory is that he is not a virgin anymore and will have to fish with the big boys next year.

Spencer takes a close second
Spencer Smith (Pool A.C.) was second overall with 35 points and a weight of 127lb 1oz winning £600 and Daiwa Match Winner 14XP match rod worth £190. Third overall in the festival was Justin Iveson (Happy Days) jumping from 8th place on day three to winning his section and his lake on day four with 31lb 08oz from peg 13 on Carleon taking all small fish. Justin walks away with £400 and a DAIWA Match Winner 13XP match rod worth £180.

 Biggest Overall Weight
John Tomlinson (Sutton Angling) wins £100 for having the biggest weight of the festival, which was 62lb 14oz on peg 16 on Trelawney day 4. £100 also goes to Michael Buckler for the winning the mystery weight with 68lb 9oz.

Clint’s Conclusion
We must thank DAIWA for supporting this new festival with over £2000 being donated in prizes. We have created a new concept in match fishing festivals and bringing together anglers that don’t normally compete under these conditions and this has been well received. The atmosphere this week has been fantastic and all the anglers have booked to come back next year. As for festival firsts this has been a good one and paves the way for the first ladies festival at White Acres in July next year.
If you are interested in entering the Daiwa Match Winner Festival it will be held on the 5th June 2004 based on 100 anglers fishing.

 Overall Top 10
1st        Martin Williams (Northern Gen)                                35 points   184lb 6oz
2nd        Spencer Smith (Pool A.C.)                                       35 points  127lb 1oz
3rd        Justin Iveson (Happy Days)                                       31 points   127lb 6oz
4th        Steve Bass (Harlowe A.C.)                                       31 points   107lb 7oz
5th        Ian Carley (Polegate Angling)                                    30 points   121lb 3oz
6th        Kev Wingfield (Syston Casters)                                   30 points   119lb 0oz
7th        Alex Cockburn (Bardag)                                               30 points   107lb 4oz
8th        Mel Hodgson (Angling Man Leic)                            29 points   99lb 10oz
9th        Dave Sims (Bardag)                                                  29 points   88lb 11oz
10th      Jamie Jones                                                                28 points   114lb 13oz

Daily Results
Day 1


1st                    Martin Williams (Northern Gen)            38lb 07oz
2nd                    Ian Carley (Polegate Angling)            31lb 04oz
3rd                    Kev Wingfield (Syston Casters)            30lb 15oz
A Section            Melvin Dyke                                        28lb 12oz
B Section            Vince Burton                                      26lb 07oz

1st                    Dave Silman (Hearne Bay)                 36lb 12oz
2nd                    Spencer Smith (Pool A.C.)               34lb 05oz
3rd                    Andy Taft (Nathans Derby)             31lb 05oz
A Section            Graham Harding                                    15lb 12oz
B Section            Dave Sims                                         27lb 13oz

1st                    Jamie Jones (Kingsway Allstars)            44lb 09oz
2nd                    Alex Cockburn (Bardag)                       31lb
3rd                    John Cook (Angling 2000 A.C.)            19lb 12oz
A Section            Bob Hyde                                        15lb 09oz
B Section            Mel Hodgson                                              10lb 11oz

1st                   Andy Gurd (Westerley Veals)  51lb 08oz
2nd                    Steve Bass (Harlowe A.C)                35lb 04oz
3rd                    Mat Davenport (Kingsway Allstars)            32lb
A Section            Mark Leado                                      21lb 02oz
B Section            Chris Martland                                  31lb 13oz


Day 2



 1st                   Ian Carley (Polegate Angling)            49lb12oz

2nd                    Martin Williams (Northern Gen)            43lb 12oz

3rd                    Ian Turner (Aldershot Garrison)            30lb 12oz

A Section            Chris Scott                26lb 10oz

B Section            Kev Winfield                        21lb 12oz



 1st                   Spencer Smith (Pool A.C.)               29lb 02oz

2nd                    Andy Taft (Nathans Derby)             16lb 10oz

3rd                    Dave Pocock (Godalming)                 16lb 02oz

A Section             Ken Watts               13lb 11oz

B Section            Dave Sims                 14lb 06oz



 1st                   Bob Hyde (Mitchells Darfield A.C.)            41lb 08oz

2nd                    John Gamby (Bardag)                                   35lb 15oz

3rd                    Jamie Jones (Kingsway Allstars)            29lb 05oz

A Section            John Rouse               24lb 12oz

B Section            Alex Cockburn            25lb 01oz



 1st                   Colin Ellaway            (Team Forresters)            34lb 04oz

2nd                    Justin Iveson (Happy Days)               30lb 06oz

3rd                    Mick Buckler            (Brinsworth W.M.C.)            29lb 13oz

A Section            Jim Spendiff                        23lb07oz

B Section            Steve Bass                 26lb 11oz




Day 3



 1st                   Martin Williams (Northern Gen)            39lb

2nd                    Kev Winfield (Syston Casters            )            21lb 11oz

3rd                    Mark Payling (Northern Gen)             16lb

A Section            Chris Scott                13lb 08oz

B Section            Ian Turner              14lb 04oz



 1st                   Spencer Smith (Pool A.C.)               33lb 12oz

2nd                    Paul Birley (Wombwell A.C.)   28lb 09oz

3rd                    Dave Simms (Bardag)                       26lb 15oz

A Section            Dave Silman              25lb 15oz

B Section            Steve Arnold              20lb 09oz



 1st                   Mel Hodgson (Angling Man Leic)    32lb 04oz

2nd                    Dave Philips (Edgeley Sports) 21lb 13oz    

3rd                    Alax Cockburne (Bardag)                       21lb 05oz

A Section            Peter Milner              20lb 07oz

B Section            Jon Cook               20lb 12oz






 1st                   Bob Stevens (Nathans Tackle) 44lb 02oz

2nd                    Maurice Addison                                 41lb 12oz

3rd                    Justin Iverson (Happy Days)               38lb 12oz

A Section            Mark Leader             32lb 14oz

B Section            Steve Bass                 37lb 09oz


Day 4



 1st                   John Tomlinson (Sutton Angling)            62lb 14oz

2nd                    Martin Williams (Northern Gen)             62lb 10oz

3rd                    Mark Payling (Northern Gen)             52lb 13oz

A Section            Chris Scott                50lb 05oz

B Section            Melvin Dyke                32lb 12oz



 1st                   Bill Clarkee (Bardag)                       34lb 01oz

2nd                    Spencer Smith (Pool A.C.)   29lb 14oz

3rd                    Peter Beck (Brundle A.C.)   28lb 03oz

A Section            Graham Harding            24lb 04oz

B Section            Barry Frankland            28lb 02oz



 1st                   Dave Philips (Edgeley Sports) 45lb 04oz

2nd                    Mick Powell (Rookery A.C.)               41lb 07oz

3rd                    Peter Milner (Whitehorse)                39lb 12oz

A Section            Ricky Dennis              36lb 05oz

B Section            Andy Malley              29lb 15oz




 1st                   Justin Iveson (Happy Days)               31lb 08oz

2nd                    Matt Davenport (Kingsway Allstars)            25lb 05oz

3rd                    Bob Stevens (Nathans Tackle) 23lb

A Section            Alan Symonds                      12lb 06oz

B Section            Andy Gurd                17lb 11oz 

Day Two action from Lamorna.


Day Two action from Caerleon.


Day two action from Trelawney.