Evesham Festival Qualifying Match Report

Wychavon Championship Qualifier

Evesham Town & Ferry Waters

78 Fished


1 Dan Varney (Drennan) 11-5-0 (peg 36)

2 Owen Robinson (Evesham Youth) 5-13-0 (peg 1)

3 Ian Shepherd (Daiwa Gordon League) 5-10-0 (peg 30)

4 Ray South (Ferrymen) 5-6-0 (peg 66)

5 Tony Bench (Shakespeare Superteam) 4-13-0 (peg 26)


Owen Robinson

Dan Varney

Ian Bullock

Simon Pickering

Remarkably, at the draw for this the second Wychavon Championship qualifying match of the season, Drennan rod Dan Varney drew the same peg that he finished second from on the previous day’s Evesham Championship qualifier, 36 below the mouth of the River Isbourne. This time he went one better than his previous day’s performance however – winning the match with an 11-5-0 net of chub, chublets and perch. Again, Dan caught most of his fish on maggots fished under a light float on the long pole.

In second place was Evesham Junior, Owen Robinson. Young Owen caught a good bream on groundbait feeder, to take second place in the match and secure himself a place in the final.

Third place fell to Evesham regular, Daiwa Gordon League ace, Ian Shepherd. Ian caught good quality roach on hempseed from peg 30 on the Corporation Meadow.