Dead Certainty

The tcf team shows a simple and guaranteed way of making dead maggots on the bank without risking damage or losing the colour.

Step 1
Clean off the maggots using a riddle to remove any dust.
Step 2
Pour your cleaned-off maggots into a clean bait tub.
Step 3
Add cold water until there’s at least about an inch of it in the bottom.
Step 4
Now pour in hot water or tea/coffee from a flask GRADUALLY.
Step 5
Add the hot water a little at a time until all the maggots stop wriggling.
Step 6
A few of the dead maggots will float, remove these (they can be kept for the hook).
Step 7
Now drain off the water using your riddle.
Step 8
Superb dead maggots that have not stretched or lost their colour.