A report published today confirms the significant role played by sea angling in England and Wales.
The report – by the economists Drew Associates – was commissioned by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) to provide a clearer picture of sea angling activity in England and Wales and of its contribution to local economies.
Following extensive research and surveys of sea anglers and other stakeholders, the report concludes that 1.1 million households in England and Wales contain at least one person who had been sea angling in the past year, and that demand for sea angling is stable, or possibly even increasing.
While noting that conclusions on the economic contribution of sea angling have to be made with care, the report estimated total annual expenditure by sea anglers resident in England and Wales at around £538 million per year.
Welcoming the report’s publication, Fisheries Minister Ben Bradshaw, said:
“This report shows the significant contribution sea anglers make to Britain’s economy while fishing sustainably.
“Sea anglers are of course recognised as stakeholders in the management of fish stocks. In addition to their regular meetings with officials to discuss a range of issues, angling representatives will be fully involved in considering the recommendations on fisheries management made in the recent report from the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit. I also hope that anglers will take the opportunity to participate in other fisheries management initiatives, such as Regional Advisory Councils.
“Against this background, this report will make a valuable contribution to informing future policy consideration.”