MOSELLA backed Derek Willan beat a crack field to take the Garbolino Mosella Silver Fish Festival.

Speaking to, Derek said: “I fished mainly a caster attack and most of the time caught shallow. I fished a 4×10 float which was important. There were fish in every peg which made for great sport and most of them were swingers. I was a case of fishing light line when bites were at a premium and being more aggressive when they were there. This is the first time I’ve been here and it’s an amazing venue – I will certainly be back.”


1st Derek Willan              24 points          114lb 3oz

2nd Adam Rooney                      24 points          84lb 11oz

3rd Simon Willsmore                   23 points          97lb 15oz

4th Martin Cocks             22 points          107lb 1oz

5th Gary Webber                        22 points          87lb 7oz

6th Tim Rowe                 22 points          120lb 13oz

7th Adam Wakelin                       22 points          104lb 2oz

8th Stuart Lister              21 points          128lb 10oz

9th Harry Billing              21 points          80lb

10th Giles Cochrane                    21points           128lb 10oz

11th Darren Cox             20 points          113lb 15oz

12th Andy Dare              20 points          78lb 3oz

13th Tommy Pickering     20 points          94lb 11oz

14th Ann Pickering                      20 points          68lb 7oz

15th Rob Middleton                    19 points          95lb 6oz

16th Gary Hamilton                     19 points          101lb 9oz

17th Dean Cherrington    19 points          75lb 7oz

18th Lee Edwards                       19 points          78lb 14oz

19th Paul Yates              19 points          80lb 1oz

20th John Dudley                       18 points          84lb 13oz