This pattern originated from two of Loch Leven’s finest anglers, Colin Smith and the late Jock Hodge, both excellent competition angers, and gifted, innovative fly tyers. They wanted to come up with a mini-lure to catch browns and rainbows on the mighty loch.
With a lot of time and effort The Mini-Hummie was born.
When I finally got my hands on it, it became my ‘number one’ pulling fly.
My most memorable day with this pattern was at Grafham reservoir on a dull overcast day and a good breeze, drifting across the centre of the water. Using a Di-5 line and retrieving with long, steady pulls and hanging the patterns for anything up to 15 seconds. The sport was fantastic.
My biggest brown trout was landed that day, it weighed 6lb 4 oz, it was stunning!
Unfortunately, it’s not a commercially tied fly, with jungle cock getting harder to get hold of, try the new, hot chartreuse Mini-Eyes available from Jimmy McBride at Crafteye, in Edinburgh, they work just as well.

Hook: Kamasan D270 size 12
Silk: Black
Tail: Black Marabou
Body: Silver Lite-Bright
Palmered Hackle: Black
JC Cheeks: Fluo lime green
Throat: No.5, glo-brite floss.

White Cat Booby Variant

This would be the first fly I’d reach for as a ‘stockie-basher pattern’. As the season goes on, it’s a decent enough fry imitation to. An out and out fish catcher.

Hook: Kamasan B175 size 10
Thread: Fire orange
Tail: Strands of silver and pearl Flash Attack
Body: Chartreuse Glister
Booby eyes: White 5mm cord
Wing: White marabou with a couple of strands of pearl and silver at the side.


Invicta Sparkler

My best day on this fly was when my old fishing team ‘The Grizzlecats’ won the Scottish club championships at the Lake of Menteith
This fly was the middle dropper on a cast that consisted of a Booby on the point and a Booby on the bob while fishing next to a concrete pier where the pin fry shoals were immense. The game plan was to strip the Booby’s away from the feeding fish, then completely stop the retrieve, the rainbows kept nailing this little fry pattern time and again.
Having used it on the midlands reservoirs, I can safely say it works down there as well.

Hook: Kamazan B175 size 10
Thread: Brown
Tail: Golden pheasant tippets
Body: Pearl tinsel
Rib: Silver wire
Hackle: Natural game cock
Throat: Blue and silver Flash Attack
Underwing: Silver and pearl Flash Attack
Overwing: Hen pheasant

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