A NEW venue opened this weekend at Coleshill, or rather would have done if it hadn’t been for the big freeze.

Dingle Fishery has been taken on recently by Matt and Eddie Price, who had been searching for a water for some time. They fell in love with two acre Dingle as soon as they saw it.

The previous owner created around 15 large swims around the venue suitable for long stay anglers, and the lake is known to already hold a good head of carp. There are at least five thirties and ten twenties present, plus plenty of fish in the 10-15lb bracket.

It’s not all carp, and the water does hold bream to at least 8lb and tench to 10lb, although both species could run larger.

There is also a big head of silver fish. Most of them are small, but test sessions have produced fish to 2lb on chopped worm tactics.

The lake will be netted soon and that will dictate what extra stock is added, although the intention is to stock with silver fish and winter sport in mind.

The new owners have been busy creating a few new swims, and sprucing up the two tier on-site lodge. There are no plans to run matches here and instead it’s being reserved for pleasure and carp anglers. It’s daytime fishing only, although night fishing might be allowed from next spring.

The fishery is not far from The White Swan pub at Nether Whitacre. It’s £6 a day – to find out more call Eddie Price on 07747 844640