Here at Dinsmores’ Aldridge, West Midlands HQ we pride ourselves on being a British manufacturer of fishing tackle in a world where so much tackle comes from the Far East.

You may know us for our excellent range of split shot including our famous Super Soft Shot, Egg Shot and Cushion Shot ranges.

But we are also lucky enough to have a highly innovative team and recent additions the Dinsmores range include the DIY Auto Shot and Auto Styx ranges.

Then there’s the Thick Cut Shot applicator, designed to help you put small shot on the thick line we are using on commercial fisheries these days, which has been warmly received by anglers and in the angling press.

Other additions to the range include the outsize Bungee plummet which give you an accurate depth reading even on very soft bottoms, and the very recently introduced Scoop feeders. All of these and more are listed below.

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How To Use Dinsmores Selecta Shot And Selecta Styx







Selecta Shot

A new product that got plenty of attention at the recent Tackle and Guns Show at Stoneleigh, Warks was the Selecta Shot from Dinsmores.

The Midlands firm has been keen to develop its own branded product ranges over the last couple of years and has bought us the Scoop feeder and Deep Cut Shot for use on the thicker lines we use on commercials these days.

Selecta Shot is aimed at anglers who struggle a bit with small shot. It might also find favour with those of us who tire of shot spilling everywhere out of poorly designed dispensers, because it cuts right down on waste.

The system revolves around a ‘feed channel’ with a ridged groove running down the centre.

You open the circular dispenser and tap it until the shot in the groove locate themselves onto the ridge.

Your shot are now all neatly lined up like soldiers, and you just pick them up with the supplied pincers and squeeze them onto the line. Simple, and effective.

It’s available for shot sizes 8,10 and 11 with each dispenser retailing at £4.99 each.

Dinsmores Scoop Feeders

Sizes: 28g, 42g; 15g version available soon
RRP: £1.50 each or in packs of two at £2.99 (28g) or £3.99 (42g)

The Scoop Feeder has been specifically designed to help anglers deliver pellets accurately on the bottom in conjunction with groundbait.

It’s a powder-coated die-casting, making it extremely robust, and has been designed with the weight biased towards the base to aid smooth casting and retrieve.
The pellets go into the ‘cage’ and then the ends are blocked with your groundbait. You can then fish it like a standard open-end feeder, or form a ball right around the frame to make it more of a Method-style set-up.

It’s billed as a river or stillwater feeder, especially when you are using fishmeal groundbait and pellets for barbel and chub. You can easily fit strap leads into the cage to add extra weight to hold bottom in faster flows.

The Scoop Feeder is available in two colours – olive green or mud grey, both in a matt finish to ensure there’s no chance of spooking fish with unnecessary glint. A swivel is fitted into the top and the packaging includes a useful diagram of how to set it up as a safe running rig. The 42g version has noticeable extra weight in ‘nose’.

Fill the feeder with some sinking pellets.
Plug both ends with fishmeal groundbait.
The Scoop can also be fished like a Method.
Just mould sticky groundbait right around it.


Dinsmores Feeder Bombs

Styles: Feeder Bomb, Feeder Bomb With Tail, Inline Feeder
Sizes: 1.5oz (45g), 1oz (30g), 0.75oz (22g), 0.5oz (14g), 3/8oz (10g), 1/4oz (7g), 1/8oz (3.5)
RRP: From £1.95 to £3.99 for two depending on size


The Feeder Bomb is a cross between a Method feeder and a lead. It’s teardrop shaped and hollow, and as you can see has a cage folding over one side, while it’s flat on the other.

Made from virtually indestructible metal alloy in black or bronze, they are excellent when fishing paste on rivers to create a scent trail for barbel and chub. In the smaller sizes bream anglers can fish it as a bomb when they don’t want to feed the swim, or wrap some groundbait into the hollow and around the cage and feed a little bread each cast.

In the smaller sizes they similar in size to a standard 1oz lead and therefore aren’t going to make as much disturbance as a feeder, but do give you that option of packing in just a little feed to keep your swim ticking over. On hard day just using the 1/4oz or 1/8oz versions allows you to feed just enough for one bite at a time.

Another use is when roving for chub on clear rivers with breadflake – pushing breadpunch (which can be very buoyant) into the Feeder Bomb to get it down to the bottom where you’re fishing.

Fish it packed with paste to create a scent trail.
A swivel sits in the ‘head’ of the Feeder Bomb.



Bungee Plummets

Sizes: 1oz (30g) and 1/2oz (15g)
RRP: £1.99 for pack of two


A great innovation for soft, silty bottoms as found on many commercials, the wide base area on the Bungee Plummet means that it does not sink in like a standard bell plummet and therefore gives you a more accurate depth reading.

Mounted in the same fashion as a standard plummet, with the hook going through the loop in the top and then around and into the cork in the base. British made.

Auto Shot

Sizes: No8, 10 and 11 shot
RRP: £9.99 including applicator, refill and instructional DVD
Refills: No8, 10 and 11 shot, £1.99


Auto Shot is a revolutionary device for attaching micro shot to line. This is a fantastic product for all anglers, especially those whose sight isn’t what it used to be who may have trouble using small shot.

The red Auto Shot comes with un-cut Super Soft Shot which feeds from a well into a chamber, where it’s perfectly cut every time using the press-down steel pin in the applicator. It’s then a simple process of inserting taught line into the slot and pressing down on the side lever to attach it to the line.

Auto shot comes with a full vial of uncut Super Soft Shot in sizes 8, 10 and 11. The No8s can be attached to line up to 0.18mm, the No10s up to 0.15mm and the No11s up to 0.12mm.

The brilliant Auto Shot applicator.
Comes with instructional DVD.


Full step-by-step instructions and a DVD are included.
To see how to use the applicator CLICK HERE

Thick Cut Auto Shot

Sizes: No8, 10 and 11 shot
RRP: £9.99 including applicator, refill and instructional DVD
Refills: No8, 10 and 11 shot, £1.99


Dinsmores have developed Thick Cut as a direct reaction to the fact that anglers are using thicker and thicker line on commercials and struggling to attach standard shot to it.

Works in the same way at Auto Shot but the steel pin on the Thick Cut applicator drives a bigger than normal wedge into the Super Soft Shot and independent tests have show that it’s possible to readily use No11 shot on line as thick as 0.21mm with this product.

Full step-by-step instructions and a DVD are included.

Auto Styx

Sizes: No8 and 10 Styx sizes
RRP: £14.99 including applicator, refill and instructional DVD


For those who prefer cylindrical weights rather than shot. Works in the same way as Auto Shot, but with a wide steel pin on the green applicator creating a perfect slit down the Styx which is then easily pressed onto taught line using the side lever.

The No8 Super Soft Styx can be attached to line up to 0.18mm while the No10s are best on lines up to 0.10mm.

For those who prefer sylindrical weights.
Full step-by-step instructions.


Full step-by-step instructions and a DVD are included.

Super Soft Shot

Sizes: LG (3g), SSG, SG, AAA, AB, BB, LG, No1, No4, No6, No 8, No10, No11, No12
RRP: See below


Dinsmores’ famous Super Soft Shot is line and user friendly, with a nail locator at the split and hinge at the back so the shot can be readily opened up and moved along the line. Available in single size pots in single size pots and refills in most of the sizes stated (see below).

In accordance with UK Legislation all sizes bigger than a No8 are made of a lead substitute (tin) while in size 8 and under the shot are lead.

Four compartment round dispenser (£3.25): AAA, BB, No1, No4
Mini four compartment round (£1.99): AAA, BB, No1, No4
Five compartment square dispenser (£4.75): AAA, BB, No1, No4, No6
Six compartment round dispenser (£4.75): SSG, AAA, BB, No1, No4, No6
Seven compartment square dispenser (£6.75): SSG, AAA, BB, No1, No4, No6, No8
Refills (£1.50): All sizes
Single shot dispensers (£2.50): All sizes

Egg Shot

Sizes: Available in nine sizes from LG down to No6
RRP: See below


Elongated shot, which are easily lined up and excellent for bulks and are also popular for link legering. As with Super Soft Shot they feature a nail locator so that they can easily be opened up and moved.

Four compartment round dispenser (£3.50): AAA, BB, No1, No4
Mini four compartment round (£2.10): BB, No1, No4, No6
Four compartment round (£3.50): AAA, BB, No1, No4
Five compartment square dispenser (£4.99): AAA, BB, No1, No4, No6
Six compartment round dispenser (£4.99): SSG, AAA, BB, No1, No4, No6
Seven compartment square dispenser (£7.50): LSG, SSG, AAA, BB, No1, No4, No6
Refill (£1.65): All sizes


Cushion Shot

Sizes: Available in nine sizes from SG to No8
RRP: See below


This top class product is coated during manufacture to make the shot super line friendly and is easily moved on the line.

The process also gives the shot a greenish tinge which some see as a benefit in terms of camouflage. As with other Dinsmores shot, Cushion has a wide, deep cut and a nail locator so it’s easily opened up once on the line.

Four compartment round dispenser (£3.50): AAA, BB, No1, No4
Five compartment square dispenser (£4.99): AAA, BB, No1, No4, No6
Six compartment round dispenser (£4.99): SSG, AAA, BB, No1, No4, No6
Seven compartment square dispenser (£7.50): SSG, AAA, BB, No1, No4, No6, No8
Mini four compartment round (£2.10): AAA, BB, No1, No4
Refills (£1.65): Nine sizes
Single shot dispensers (£2.75): Nine size from SSG to No8

Barbless Ready Rigs

Sizes: Lake 4×12; Canal 4×10 to 4×14; Carp 3×8 to 4×18
RRP: £2.99


New for 2008 range of ready tied rigs on winders complete with advice on how to fish them including rig diagrams on the packaging.

The tank tested range comprises Lake Rigs, Carp Rigs and Canal Rigs, with all on winders carrying barbless hooks, Dinsmores branded floats and Dinsmores shot
The Lake and Canal range comes on 3m lengths of 1.5lb to 3lb line with floats in the 4×10 to 4×14 range and size 18-22 hooks.

The Carp Rigs come on lengths of 3lb to 6lb line in sizes from 3×8 to 4×18 and size 12 to 20 hooks.

Floats from 3×8 to 4×18.

Lake Rigs
Squatt/Pinkie: 4×12, 1.5lb-1lb, size 22
On The Drop: 4×12, 2.5lb-2lb, size 18

Canal Rigs
Bloodworm: 4×14, 2.5lb-2lb, size 20
Canal: 4×10, 1.5lb-1lb, size 22
Meat: 4×14, 2.5lb-2lb, size 20
Caster: 4×10, 3lb-2.5lb, size 18


Rigs clearly marked.

Carp Rigs
Carp Deep 1: 4×10, 6lb-4lb, size 18
Carp Deep 2: 4×18, 6lb-4lb, size 16
Carp Rig: 4×10, 6lb-4lb, size 16
Carp Small: 4×10, 3lb-2.5lb, size 20
Meat 1 (dibber): 3×8, 6lb-4lb, size 12
Pellet/Paste: 4×14, 4lb-3lb, size 14


Zeppelin Splashers

Types: Night Tip; Large Fat Boy; Fat Boy; Fatboy Slim; Fatboy Ultra Slim, Carp Controller; Pellet Waggler (two sizes)
RRP: From £5.50


A natural progression from the popular Feeder Bombs, but for fishing off the deck.

We have incorporated our feeder bombs into high buoyancy, hi-viz balsa floats from 5g to 20g for the self hooking effect.

Groundbait is moulded around the frame and as it breaks off once in the water carp attack it, grabbing the hook bait and as they turn they hook themselves against the buoyancy of the float.

High density, high viz floats ensure self hooking.
Floats are fitted with medium snap swivel in the base.

Each float comes with a medium sized link swivel attached to the loop in the end of the feeder. Various sizes of float and integral feeder bomb sizes are available. Great for exciting summer fishing!

Most are set up with the line running through the link swivel in the base and locked on to fish at half depth or above. There is also a controller version with the line running through the top of the float for fishing floating baits. The night tip has a recess into which an isotope or Starlite can be fitted.