These Ready Rigs are constructed from the highest quality materials, and tied to precise specifications to create rigs suitable for all anglers.

The fully loaded Rig Stick can be taken straight out of the packaging and placed into the correct sized Mag Store System box.

Each pack contains 8 hand tied rigs which are stored on the rig stick, hook size along with line diameter and breaking strain can be easily identified by the attached sticker.
KKH-B hooks are used on each rig, tied to the tried and tested Reflo Power line with a bait band fitted to the hair rig.

The rigs are 4″ long and ideal for using with bolies and wafters.

Preston Hair Rig Sticks

Hook Size Diameter Line (mm) Breaking strain Line (Lbs)
10 0.24 11-00
12 0.21 8-15
14 0.21 8-15
16 0.19 7-06

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