The final of the Championship Charity Opens was held at Holly Farm, Ashby Magna, Leicestershire, on September 30th 2006.


Forty anglers were invited to fish this final from a series of five matches which stretched the country from North at Lindholme Lakes to Monks Lakes in Maidstone in the South with three others Castle Ashby in Northamptonshire, Lemington Lakes in Gloucestershire and Misterton Hall Leicestershire.


On the day we see 34 both disabled and non-disabled anglers fish the match, with it being a very wet build up in the week to the match and a lot of cold water introduced into the Trotters Pool at Holly Farm all found it hard going from the start but some picked up early fish.


Weather wise we sat in glorious sunshine for most of the match but we did have a shower that lasted about an hour,


Bob Reed from Castle Ashby Match Group became the Non-Disabled Champion 2006 and overhaul winner with a weight of 34lb 10oz mostly carp.


In second place Wayne Panting (Danglers Forum) with a weight of 30lb 10oz. became Disabled Champion 2006.


Third was Darren Ribbons of Market Harborough with 24lb 14oz.


Section winners went to (A Sec) Dirk Williams 20lb 12oz. (B Sec) S Schubert 18lb 04oz. (C Sec)Mrs Gill Hirst, (D Sec) K Folwell 16lb 11oz.


Also during the match we ran a team event where the anglers were invited from.


The Gold medallist and winners of that was from Lindholme with a weight from the top 5 of 86lb 08oz just beating Castle Ashby by 1lb.Third was Misterton with 69lb 05, Lemington 59lb 10oz and last was Monks with 43lb 15oz.


These matches raised £2182 for the Rainbow Family Trust and Macmillan Nurses Charities. And will be presented them in due course.


John Buxton