Long Eaton Victoria Angling Society staged an open match on the Erewash Canal in the town (on the stretch at the back of the Royal Oak) on Sunday 4 June.  This gave competitors a chance to see what they could expect when Division 1 of the National Angling Championships is staged on the venue in August this year. Although attendance was low, the fishing was very good with the lowest weight in the match was 2 lb 4 oz, and an average weight per angler of 5 lb 8 oz, excellent for a canal match.


Top weight on the day was taken by Ken Butler (Tri-Cast Calder) from peg 64 with 10 lb 3 oz.  Ken took all his fish, a mixture of small bream, roach and perch, on squatt bait fished at 10m.  Had the match continued for a further hour we would have been overtaken by Chris Allam (Walton AC), who ended the match with 9 lb 9 oz from peg 62.  Chris caught mostly roach and skimmers on squatt at 5m, but in the last hour switched to caster bait against a boat moored opposite to take several good quality roach and bream, catching more quickly as the match progressed.


Third weight of 8 lb 6½ oz was taken by Gordon Ashcroft (Tri-Cast Calder) from peg 61 on squatt/pinkie combination fished at 10m, forth was Dave Dixon (Colmic Stainforth) from peg 65 with 7 lb 8 oz, and fifth Dave Swift (Colmic Stainforth) with 6 lb 8 ½ oz.



1st        Ken Butler                     (Tri-Cast Calder)                        10 lb 3 oz

2nd       Chris ALLAM                 (Walton AC)                              9 lb 9 oz

3rd       Gordon ASHCROFT ( Tri-Cast Calder)                 8 lb 6 ½ oz

4th        Dave DIXON                 (Colmic Stainforth)                    7 lb 8 oz

5th        Dave SWIFT                  (Colmic Stainforth)                    6 lb 8 ½ oz

(15 fished)