ENGLAND coach Mark Downes is questioning the amount of money that can be won in so called club events, saying it’s having an adverse affect on the open match and team circuit.

Writing in his column for the monthly angling newspaper Midland Angler, Mark highlights the growing number of so called club angler only events around the country. He warns that true clubmen should be on the look out for ‘unscrupulous’ anglers who shy away from fishing in big opens and big team events so they can fleece lower standard club anglers of their cash.

Mark’s comments follow the overwhelming success of the new Midland Angler Clubman Winter League at Woodland View Fishery near Droitwich. This ten round, teams of four event bans anyone that the Woodland View team considers to be an open or sponsored angler, with a view to creating a level playing field.

The format hit a chord with the club anglers in the region, and although it was limited to 27 teams, they could have filled twice as many.

However, some anglers have inevitably questioned whether all those taking part are really club anglers, or just open anglers trying to win some ‘easy money’.

“When I look at the results from some of these club angler only events, the question that springs to my mind is, when is a club angler not a club angler, and who decides?

“Nowadays club match winners and individuals can win over £1000, so where’s the line to be drawn? I’m left wondering if top class match men have shot themselves in the foot by being so good that others don’t want to take them on.”


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