Billed by Drennan International as exceptionally supple and flexible, X Tough line also really tough, durable and highly resistant to abrasion and shot damage, making it the ideal rig line and hooklength material for float, feeder and pole.

Compact 50m spools quote correct diameter and achievable knot strength, rather than linear strength, because there aren’t many rigs without knots!

Available in 12 sizes from 0.08mm/1lb 4oz right up to 0.24mm/10lb.


0.08mm 1lb 4oz (0.57kg)
0.09mm 1lb 10oz (0.74kg)
0.10mm 2lb (0.91kg)
0.12mm 2lb 8oz (1.13kg)
0.13mm 3lb (1.36kg)
0.14mm 3lb 8oz (1.59kg)
0.15mm 4lb (1.81kg)
0.16mm 5lb (2.27kg)
0.18mm 6lb (2.72kg)
0.20mm 7lb (3.18kg)
0.22mm 8lb (3.63kg)
0.24mm 10lb (4.5kg)


50m spools
Clear colour
Excellent abrasion resistance
High knot strength
High resistance to shot damage
Ideal for float and feeder hooklengths
Ideal for pole rigs
12 sizes
1lb 4oz to 10lb
0.08mm to 0.24mm