Strange goings on at Woodland View Fishery where anglers have been seen dangling curious jelly like offerings into the margins. But fret not, because the top Midlands match venue is experiencing some of the new drop shotting craze that’s sweeping the country.

Drop shotting is a form of very light lure fishing, and is especially effective at targeting big perch, which tend to grow very big at commercial fisheries like Woodland View and which are often not targeted.

The day ticket water at Hadley has already run a Drop Shot Challenge in which only perch counted, with big fish man Des Taylor lending a hand. The format sees anglers draw a block of three swims and fish from the middle one for two hours, followed by another two hours on one of the other pools.
Typically, lots of carp, tench and even roach obliged, but perch too and the plan is to run another similar event on March 7th. Details of how to enter are on the Woodland View website.