Van den Eynde’s Mark Sawyer and VDE sponsored angler and Essex County team man Mark Pollard have, this week, both signed individual sponsorship deals with UK and European bait giant, Dynamite Baits.

Both anglers have joined on the merit of Dynamite’s extensive product range, but in particular the company’s SilverX silver fish range of baits is what’s swayed their decisions.
Both anglers are strongly of the opinion that SilverX will undoubtedly give them an edge they never had before using rival products.

In addition, their signing with Dynamite means they’re now able to use the all-conquering, match-winning Swim Stim, XL and Frenzied products for commercial fishing.

Mark and Mark bring years of fishing experience and expertise into the fold as sponsored anglers and will help to further develop the already world widely successful Dynamite Baits range of fishing baits.

Mark Sawyer added: “I have long been an admirer of the massively popular Swim Stim range and of Dynamite Baits as a company.

“I’m over the moon to now be involved with a young, forward thinking company that only seems to go from strength to strength. Dynamite has built its reputation on the unparalleled strength and success of the products and the service it offers to the trade and public alike.

“Unlike its rivals, Dynamite’s match and pleasure range of products, like SilverX and Swim Stim, have been designed specifically for commercial and natural waters in the UK. This creates what I believe to be the ultimate recipe for success and having been in the enviable position of witnessing the slick operation in action I’m extremely excited and enthused by what Dynamite can achieve in the future, especially with a team of the country’s best anglers and bait consultants involved.

“What’s more, having now been given the opportunity to use what I believe to be the best fishing baits available on the market, my match results over the last two moths of testing couldn’t have been better. Long may it continue.”

Mark Pollard said: “With the way modern fishing is changing both on natural and commercial venues it was time to make the switch to a company at the fore of modern baits. There’s no question that I now have the advantage every time I’m fishing, whether it be for silvers or carp.

“It seemed every other angler on the bank was using Dynamite and I felt I was missing out by using rival products.

“Dynamite is a UK based company that’s at one with its consumers needs. The hugely comprehensive range is testimony to that and offers today’s pleasure, match, specialist and specimen angler the right bait for every eventuality.”