Following almost three years of negotiations, Dynamite Baits is pleased to announce that it has been purchased by one of the world’s largest fishing tackle manufacturers, Rapala VMC Corporation.

The Rapala deal will see the two companies work closely together to help the Nottingham, UK-based company enter the tackle market.

The Rapala Group of companies includes some of angling’s biggest and best brands, such as Rapala Lures, Sufix Line, Normark and VMC. However, one notable area of our sport that Rapala hasn’t launched into is carp fishing, until now!

For the past 12 months Dynamite Baits has been gearing up for a significant tackle launch. The company has invested heavily in strengthening its staff, improving its infrastructure and putting together an aggressive 5-Year Plan to ultimately become one of Europe’s biggest fishing tackle brands. With Rapala now behind Dynamite Baits, the time is right to plan the launch Dynamite Tackle.

Dynamite Baits’ Sales & Marketing Director, Pete Chandler, will have a crucial part to play in heading-up Dynamite’s tackle launch: “The Dynamite brand is extremely well-known and respected throughout Europe, in all disciplines of fishing. Anglers know that a Dynamite product will be of the highest quality and ultimately, help them catch more fish.

“The brand has grown to such a level that retailers and wholesalers throughout the UK and Europe, are repeatedly asking for a range of Dynamite Tackle.

“Rapala knows that Dynamite Baits is the best brand to help the company become number one in carp fishing! Rapala will be offering significant investment to ensure Dynamite Tackle products are of the highest possible quality in terms of production and innovation. We will also be working closely with their trusted group of manufacturers around the globe, offering further assurances that Dynamite Tackle will be of the highest quality,” he said.

Initially Dynamite’s tackle initiative will see the company launch an innovative range of terminal tackle and clothing in the carp, match and predator markets. This will then be followed by bigger tackle launches to ultimately see the Dynamite Tackle range encompass all items of tackle.

Jorma Kasslin, CEO of Rapala, had this to say of the acquisition: “Dynamite Baits products have a great reputation with anglers and are widely known for their quality. We intend to take this quality brand to the global marketplace via our network of Group distribution companies and to widen their product range. As a result of the Dynamite acquisition we are able to offer a wide range of products including bait and terminal tackle to the carp fisherman! In addition, in the UK we are able to combine the distribution of our group products with those of Dynamite.”

This acquisition is part of Rapala’s strategy for profitable growth and it will make Rapala a strong player in the growing carp fishing market in Europe. It contributes to the Group’s brand strategy and portfolio whilst it leverages Rapala’s unique sourcing and distribution platforms.

Marcus Twidale, Managing Director of Dynamite Baits, said: “It was a difficult decision to sell the business that was founded by my partner and I some 15 years ago. But the decision was made easier knowing that the Dynamite product range, quality and good service will continue and that Dynamite is able to benefit quite significantly from some distribution and product synergies as a member of the Rapala VMC Group.” Marcus will continue as the Managing Director of Dynamite after the acquisition and with his team of people is looking forward to the exciting challenges ahead.

The deal will also see Rapala Group products, such as Rapala Lures and Sufix Lines, distributed throughout the UK by Dynamite Baits. This will commence in March 2011 when further details will be released.

Both new ventures – Dynamite Tackle and Rapala UK distribution – will benefit from a thorough and aggressive marketing campaign.

Dynamite Baits has established itself as one of Europe’s biggest and best bait manufacturers, supplying all forms of bait throughout Europe and further afield to America and Japan. It specialises in all carp baits, such as boilies, pellets, particles, groundbaits and predator baits, ensuring the Dynamite Baits brand is a firm favourite with anglers of all disciplines.

Dynamite Baits will be releasing more information on its imminent launch into the tackle market in the coming months.