Fisheries staff from the Environment Agency at Brampton are moving hundreds of coarse fish from Mildenhall to Huntingdon in the interests of conservation. 

The Lark Angling Club at Mildenhall has an excess of rudd – a silvery roach-like fish with red fins.  So, the Environment Agency are coming to the rescue.  On Wednesday they will net the surplus rudd and transport them in tanks to a new life at Graham’s Pond in Huntingdon. 

This large pond is located on the north side of Spittals Way, opposite T C Harrison, the Ford garage.

Here, Graham Marsh has created a very attractive small water from what was a muddy pool, full of rubbish.  This pond has been restored to health and is now frequented by anglers. As well as that it has won awards from both Huntingdon in Bloom and the Huntingdon Rotary Club. 

But, alas, there have been no rudd until now.  On Wednesday afternoon Graham’s Pond will, at last, be stocked with up to 2,000 rudd by the team from the Environment Agency.

Paul Wilkanowski, from the Fisheries team, said, ‘We are pleased to assist both parties in this exercise.  It will help to distribute one of our native species more widely across the area, it will enhance habitat at Graham’s pond and will, hopefully, create yet more interest in angling.’

Graham Marsh said: ‘I am delighted to have this opportunity to stock the pond with rudd.  They will make a welcome addition to the other species already in our fishery.’