The 2016 Angling Trust Anglers with Disabilities National Championship was fished on Arles Lake at Woodland View Fishery near Worcester on Saturday 4th June.

Fishing for the 28 competitors proved quite difficult on a bright warm day with no ripple on the water.

The winner on the day was Elliott Fay of Kingsteignton Devon fishing peg 37.  He started by fishing the pellet feeder to an island and had just three small carp in the first hour.  Switching to the pole line that he had been feeding regularly proved fruitless so he decided to stay fishing the feeder for the rest of the match. He finished with twenty small carp for a weight of 19.500 kg and a comfortable win.

Second place went to Phil Bishop of Gloucester fishing peg 29.  Just as the winner found out Phil was unable to tempt any bites on the pole line so he fished the pellet feeder with banded pellet on the hook both long and short to catch eight carp and twelve skimmers for a weight of 18.350 kg.

Third place went to Shaun Scriven of Derby fishing peg 22. Shaun fished banded pellet shallow on the pole 16.750 kg catching ten carp.

Top 10 individual results;

1) Peg 37 Elliot Fay- 19.500kg
2) Peg 29 Phil Bishop – 18.350kg
3) Peg 22 Shaun Scriven -16.750k
4) Peg 2 John Holmes -16.550kg
5) Peg 33 Wayne Panting – 12.400kg
6) Peg 5 Richard Rawsthorne -10.300kg
7) Peg 21 Frederick Bisham  – 8.050kg
8) Peg 9 Paul Ainsclough – 7.750kg
9) Peg 18 Ben Speak – 7.600kg
10) Peg 10 David Chilton – 6.450kg

Section winners are;

John Holmes  Peg 2- 16.550 kg
Shaun Scriven Peg 22 – 16.750 kg
Elliot Fay Peg 37- 19.500 kg

The Angling Trust would like to thank Woodland View at Droitwich for all their support and work.

For a full set of results please visit the Angling Trust website