SO with just a few days left of the river season where should we be heading for some last-minute running water sport?

Well the good news is that things have finally got a bit milder after a prolonged period of very cold weather.

That should switch the fish on and the weekend rain should put some colour into the water and that should see plenty of big fish and silver fish caught between now and when the season ends at midnight on March 14th. In fact the fishing on the Severn should be tremendous on Monday and Tuesday as long as it doesn’t rain too much in Wales, and if it does, the big barbel will feed.

Arley on the Severn should produce some great roach sport on the float. There are loads of quality roach here and one of the best areas – on the quay above to footbridge – is free fishing. I remember Matt Hayes doing a feature for me here and having about 30lb of roach on the waggler with the fish averaging 12oz.

Another good spot for roach is the day ticket KDAA water at Bewdley – especially on the cottages upstream of Dowes Brook. There are also some good barbel here that can be targeted on pellets.

Stourport will also produce some great silver fish sport. Tackle dealer Mal Storey recommends the stretch below the bridge and down to the caravans, especially the bay area near the bend. This is a very good spot for roach and dace on the stick float or waggler.

Another area holding loads of quality roach that isn’t fished much is at Bridgnorth above the bridge, and once again this is free water.

If it’s barbel you are after, specialist Chris Ponsford recommends fishing meat on pegs in the 80s on the KDAA water at Winterdyne. If there is a lot of water on, go above the stanchions.
The Teme will probably be out due to the rain, but the lower Severn should produce some big fish as well. I recommend the Worcester DAA water at Pixham Ferry or West Diglis, where quality chub and barbel should show in numbers. Day tickets for these stretches can be obtained from Alan’s Tackle in Worcester, tel 01905 422107.

So it looks like there will be some good fishing to be had and then once again, just as the rivers come right, they will be closed for three months something that’s doing club’s in the area no good whatsoever. When oh when are we to be rid of this confounded close season?