The England A Casting Team have come home with a bronze team medal from the Long Casting World Championships in Belgium, with Andy Copping narrowly missing out on an individual bronze medal finishing in 4th place for the England A team in the individual category.

There was some drama when England A team member Jay Lee suffered an arm injury after the second round of Day 1 and had to return home and so the team carried on competing with only 4 out of their 5 casters.
Eleven different countries fielded teams from as far away as Japan and Argentina competing alongside the European entries. The event took place over 4 days and each day the entrants had 5 casts with a different weight starting at 175g on day 1, through 150g, 125g and then 100g on day 4.

The final results were;-
Team results
1. Italy A – 4 points (Gold)
2. Argentina A – 8 points (Silver)
3. England A – 13 points (Bronze)

Aggregate Individual
1. Alessio Massa – Italy A (Gold)
2. Danny Moeskops – Belgium (Silver)
3. Roberto Perugini – Italy A (Bronze)

Team England Placings
Andy Copping – England A – 4th
lan Varley – England A – 9th
Jamie Blakeman – England B – 14th
Lee Adams – England B – 18th
Duane Lockwood – England B – 28th
Stephen Boyt – England A – 29th
John  Hooley – England B – 30th
Garry Dickerson – England A – 33rd
Mike Dagnall – Individual – 39th
Alan Bowden – England B – 43rd
Dennis Retter – Individual – 59th

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