The England pair, Billy Flowers and Jamie Londers, were denied 1st place at the World Carp Championships only because the match was extended to 73 hours due to the clocks being put back. Having led from the start, they were only beaten to a silver medal position in the last 20 minutes by the South African pairing by a margin of just under 5 Kg. Instead of the competition running for the usual 72 hours, it was decided to extend it by an hour. At the 72 hour mark, our boys were 3Kg in front of the South Africans.

The team, generously sponsored by HS Works, finished in a very disappointing 9th place with two out of three pairs fishing in fishless areas. This compares with a very creditable 2nd place last year. South Africa won the overall team event, with Serbia coming 2nd and home team France in 3rd place.

The 11th World FIPSed Carp Championships were held from 21st October to 25th October 2009 at Cazaubon Barbotan in France. There were widespread complaints about the organisation of the event, which was regarded as the worst organised world championships of recent years.

Mitch Smith, England Carp Team Manager said: “the competition this year was an extremely fraught one. To see Billy Flowers and Jamie Londers take 2nd place was a bag of mixed emotions; on one hand they took a wonderful position in 2nd place that anyone would have gladly taken at the start of any competition, but on the other hand to lead a 72hr competition for 72 hrs 40 mins and then get the title taken away from you in an extended hour due to the clocks going back is just an unimaginable catastrophe.”

Mitch continued: “We tried so hard to be ready for this competition only to see the whole lot go down the pan at the draw. It was just devastating to be pitched in fishless pegs, I can only compare it to having your shoe laces tied to the starting blocks in a 100 metre running race. Well, as they say, the show goes on and it arrives here in the UK next October. We have already picked ourselves up and dusted ourselves down and are ready to select another 2 pairs to challenge the world alongside Billy and Jamie on the great Linear fisheries near Oxford, at the 12th World Carp Champs.”

Dick Clegg, International Events Manager for the Angling Trust said: “It’s always frustrating in fishing competitions when the draw automatically rules out any medal chances. I know the whole team will be disappointed after weeks of practice, but the shining consolation is that were on the podium once again. It was a tremendous performance from Billy Flowers and Jamie Londers to finish in silver medal position in the individual honours. Well done guys!”

Mark Lloyd, Chief Executive of the Angling Trust said: “We would like to thank the sponsors, HS Works, for all their support of the national squad, without which our team would not be able to compete in these championships. Congratulations must go to Billy and Jamie for their achievement in the pairs, but it seems that the draw and the strange decision about the match length conspired against us. We look forward very much to hosting the Championships in England next year.”

Team positions
1st: South Africa 5points 171.320 kg
2nd: Serbia 13 points 100.510 kg
3rd: France 15 points 80.330 kgs

Individual positions
1st:South Africa Hennie Du Preez & Andries Maree 79.00kgs (C Section winners)
2nd: England Jamie Londers & Billy Flowers 73.190kgs (B Section winners)
3rd: South Africa Gp Nell & Kobus Van Loggerenbe 49.650kgs (A Section winners & last year’s winners)