It was a day where the top female anglers in the country showed their ability as the top three standings fell to current or past England internationals. It was Helen Dagnall who came out on top with fellow current international Wendy Locker in second place on the Calder and Hebble Canal in Wakefield.

Helen Dagnall right, Wendy Locker left

Following all the rain that the Yorkshire region had suffered in the past few weeks, it was good to see the sun come out to welcome all the anglers and supporters. Though many of the competitors that had practiced reported good weights from various sections, it was always going to be a hard match to predict. With the bright sunshine on the water and a string wind blowing, anglers in less exposed areas had a distinct advantage on the field.

On the day this was the case with the top three places going to anglers in the lower section of the canal which did offer some protection from the wind. With only 930g separating the top five individual places, competition proved tight at the top.

The star of the day was England international Helen Dagnall who was aptly fishing for Starlets AS and came out the eventual Individual winner. Helen took small roach and perch down the boat track with the additional better sized fish coming from tight across to the reeds. However, there was further competition for Helen with the resident pike also having designs on the same fish. She eventually finished with a weight 3k 030g with her nearest rival being fellow international star Wendy Locker (Warrington AA Blue) with 2k 350g. Just 100g behind Wendy was Emma Pickering in third (Barnsley & District AAS Fishing Republic) with 2k 250gms.

Eleven teams took part in the team event with the squad of Wendy Locker, Wendy Lythgoe, Lynda Lythgoe and Linda Cooke fishing as Warrington AA Blue taking the honours with a team weight of 5k 640g. Barnsley & District AAS (Fishing Republic) with Emma Pickering, Pam Mason, Kirsty Smith and Sandra Scotthorne took the silver place with 5k 330g. In bronze position was a full team of current international athletes Samantha Perkins, Helen Dagnall, Claire Dagnall and Julie Abbott finishing with a weight of 4k 840g.

Ladies National Team Champions


Sections Peg No Team Anglers Name Kilo’s
1 7 Barnsley & District AAS Fishing Republic Emma Pickering 2.250
2 18 Starlets A. S. Helen Dagnall 3.030
3 22 Warrington A. A. Gold Wendy Locker 2.350
4 40 Warrington A. A. Gold Lynda Lythgoe 2.200
5 41 Shimano Arun Angling Sally Gilbert 1.300
 44   Patricia Johnson 1.300
6 61 Barnsley & District AAS Fishing Republic Sandra Scotthorne 2.100


Peg No Team Anglers Name Kilo’s Position
18 Starlets A. S. Helen Dagnall 3.030 1
22 Warrington A. A. Gold Wendy Locker 2.350 2
7 Barnsley & District AAS Fishing Republic Emma Pickering 2.250 3
40 Warrington A. A. Gold Lynda Lythgoe 2.200 4
61 Barnsley & District AAS Fishing Republic Sandra Scotthorne 2.100 5
10 Shimano Arun Angling Samantha Sim 2.050 6
33 Warrington A. A. Blue Sarah Impey 1.700 7
5 Starlets A. S. Samantha Perkins 1.640 8
55 Warrington A. A. Blue Janice Holland 1.610 9
30 Wakefield A. C. Red Angela Lloyd-Ormsher 1.400 10


Team Name      Position
Warrington A. A. Blue Marion Wharmby Sarah Impey Pam Wyatt Janice Holland 4.640 4th
 0.530 1.700 0.800 1.610  
Warrington A. A. Gold Wendy Locker Wendy Lythgoe Lynda Lythgoe Linda Cooke 5.640 1st
 2.350 0.580 2.200 0.510  
Wakefield A. C. Red Vanessa Crouch Sonia Shaw Angela Lloyd-Ormsher Beverley Budby 3.150 7th
 0.150 0.600 1.400 1.000  
Wakefield A. C. Blue Nichola Dooley Deborah Clarkson Wendy Wylie Jennifer Close 0.640 11th
 0.200 0.130 0.310 0.000  
Tang Hall MG Heather Dewey Linda Brind Rita Bell Elizabeth Prince 2.600 9th
 0.150 1.100 1.350 0.000  
Starlets A. S. Samantha Perkins Helen Dagnall Claire Dagnall Julie Abbott 4.840 3rd
 1.640 3.030 0.020 0.150  
Shimano Arun Angling Cheryl Horton Samantha Sim Sally Gilbert Deana Wood 4.090 5th
 0.450 2.050 1.300 0.290  
Rugby Tackle Whynot Diana Frohlichova Jennie Drew Catherine Furness Gaynor Mills 3.280 6th
 1.260 0.940 0.150 0.930  
Kent Invicta MG Sophie Hill Pat Geary Felicity Drake Rose Balcomb 2.830 8th
 0.850 0.950 0.460 0.570  
Boston & District A. A. Susan Russell Christine Frazier June Balderson Linda Wells 1.930 10th
 0.450 0.130 0.450 0.900  
Barnsley & District AAS Fishing Republic Emma Pickering Pam Mason Kirsty Smith Sandra Scotthorne 5.330 2nd
 2.250 0.800 0.180 2.100